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If like us you love real food, then you will also know that there is nothing more satisfying than to grow your own fruit and then to eat it straight from the garden - delicious!

At Pomona Fruits we are garden fruit specialists and offer a large selection of quality fruit trees (top fruits), soft fruit bushes (cane, vine & bush fruits) and strawberry plants by mail order.

When you buy from Pomona Fruits you are dealing with garden fruit experts. We are committed to quality and providing the highest standards in customer service. Growing fruit is not difficult but if you have any queries you can take advantage of our free after-sales advisory service.  We are here to help!


Strawberry Plants

Pomona Fruits specialize in strawberries that crop in 60 days! Otherwise known as frozen strawberry plants or coldstored strawberry runners, these strawberry plants are available to buy online from March until July. Fresh dug strawberry runners are available October and November (these will fruit the following year). Strawberry plants can be planted in the open ground, in pots or on a strawberry tabletop system. Choose from our large range of summer fruiting strawberry varieties or perpetual strawberries (everbearing strawberry plants).

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Cordon Fruit Trees

Pomona Fruits offer a large range of cordon fruit trees (columnar fruit trees) which are ideal for smaller gardens. Sometimes referred to as Minarette trees, cordon fruit trees also make ideal patio fruit trees. We offer a range of bare root cordon apple trees, cordon pear trees, cordon plum trees and cordon cherry trees. Cordons can be planted as close as 2-3ft apart.

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Apple Trees

Apple trees are the most popular of fruit trees and bushes to grow in the garden. Pomona Fruits offer a large range of English apple trees including modern and heritage varieties on M26 semi-dwarfing rootstock. Cox (dessert apple) and Bramley's Seedling (cooking apple) are two of the best known varieties of apple tree, but why not grow something a bit different? For example Ashmead's Kernel, Egremont Russet or James Grieve. Where space is restricted then cordon apple trees are an excellent choice - both dessert and cooking apples are available in this contemporary style of dwarf fruit tree.

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Plum Trees

Plum trees (including greengage trees and damson trees) are a great choice of fruit tree to grow in the garden as in favourable conditions they will produce very heavy crops of fruit year after year. Pomona Fruits plum trees are grafted on to St Julian 'A' semi-dwarfing rootstock to produce a tree approximately 12-15ft in height and spread. If you require a plum tree that is more compact we can also offer cordon plum trees which are ideal for small gardens and patios.

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Soft Fruit Bushes

Pomona Fruits offer a range of bare root soft fruit bushes including blackberry bushes, gooseberry bushes, black currant bushes and red currant bushes. We offer some of the most disease resistant varieties. Most varieties of gooseberry bush that we offer are resistant to American Gooseberry Mildew. Also look out for Ben Hope blackcurrant which is resistant to Big Bud Mite (Blackcurrant Gall Mite). We also offer delicious hybrid berries including Loganberry LY654 and Buckingham Tayberry.

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Raspberry Canes

Raspberries are the most widely grown soft fruits. Pomona Fruits bare root raspberry canes are raised on selected sites in the UK and certified under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS). We offer a large selection of summer fruiting raspberry varieties and primocane raspberries (autumn fruiting raspberries). Usually available late November to late April, bare rooted raspberry canes should be planted on well-drained soil and spaced 40cm (16in apart). Pot grown raspberry plants are available to buy in the late spring and early summer.

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Grape Vines

Grape vines are very hardy plants and are ideal trained along a south facing wall or fence. Pomona Fruits offer a range of hardy outdoor grape vines, indoor grape vines, seedless grape vines (Perlette and Flame) and grape vines for producing wine. A single grape vine will require 4-5ft of wall space. Grape plants are available to buy on-line throughout the year.

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Blueberry Bushes

Blueberry bushes are easy to grow and as well as being suitable for the open ground (planted in acid soil) they make perfect pot plants for the patio. Pomona Fruits offer a large range of blueberry varieties including highbush blueberry plants and dwarf blueberry plants (Sunshine Blue). Our blueberry bushes are container grown and available for mail order despatch throughout the year.

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Asparagus Crowns (Asparagus Plants)

Asparagus plants are easy to grow and once established will produce an average crop of 10kg (22lbs) per dozen asparagus crowns annually. Pomona Fruits supply one year old hand selected 'grade A' asparagus crowns which will grow quickly so you can harvest your first crop of asparagus just twelve months after planting. We offer a selection of modern male dominant F1 hybrid varieties and purple asparagus varieties. Asparagus plants should be spaced 38cm (15in) apart in rows 1m (3ft) apart.

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Featured Products

Strawberry Plants 'Vibrant' (12 plants)
The premier early variety! (early)
£14.95 inc. p&p

Grape Vine 'Muscat Bleu' (Pot Grown)
Most popular outdoor variety!
£15.95  £14.35
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Blackberry Bush 'Black Butte'
Giant berries!
£14.95  £13.45
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Apple Tree 'Little Pax'
A very special new apple!

Fig Tree 'Madeleine de Deux Saisons'
Can produce two outdoor crops!
£21.95  £19.75
Save: 10% off

Quince Tree 'Meeches Prolific'
Delicious in pies & crumbles!
£23.50  £21.15
Save: 10% off

Aprium Tree 'Cot 'n' Candy'
Apricot-plum hybrid!

Blueberry Bush 'Bluecrop'
The most popular variety!
£14.50  £13.05
Save: 10% off

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