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Pear Trees (Perry Pears)

The perry pear revival has begun! Not to be confused with pear cider (which is made from dessert pears), perry is a fine traditional drink made only from proper perry pears.

We offer a range of traditional perry pears grafted onto Pyrodwarf vigorous rootstock. Trees will reach a maximum height of 4-5m (13-16ft) and will bear fruit after 3-4 years. To ensure rapid establishment, trees are supplied bare-rooted and will be 1.2-1.5m (4-5ft) high on despatch.
Trees are available from late November to early May.


Don't forget to include tree stakes and ties on your order.  All young fruit trees require staking and for better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).


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