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Hedging Plants

Hedging can provide nesting opportunities for birds and bring a wide range of wildlife to the garden. Many types of hedging also produce edible fruits that can be used to make jellies and drinks. To ensure rapid establishment, our hedging plants are supplied as two year old bushy bare rooted plants. Available from late November to late April.


We are now taking orders for delivery in the Autumn.


For better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).


Cherry Plum Hedging (12 plants)
Tasty red or yellow plums!
Cornelian Cherry Hedging (12 plants)
Edible cherry-like fruits!
Dog Rose (Wild Rose) Hedging (6 plants)
Good for rose-hip syrup!
Edible Hedging Mix (18 plants)
3 Edible varieties!
Elder Hedging (6 plants)
Ideal for coastal areas!
Golden Elder Hedging (6 plants)
Ornamental & fruitful!
Green Beech Hedging (12 plants)
A superb formal hedge!
Guelder Rose Hedging (12 plants)
Brilliant red autumn foliage!
Hawthorn (May) Hedging (12 plants)
Scented white flowers!
Hazel Hedging (12 plants)
Delicious nuts!
Mock Orange Hedging (6 plants)
Orange-blossom fragrance!
Native Hedging Mix (18 plants)
3 Native varieties!