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Raspberry Canes

Raspberries are an excellent crop to grow as once established they will crop heavily, producing up to 1.5kg (over 3lbs) of fruit per cane for 10 years or more. They can be planted as close as 40cm (16in) apart with a gap of 1.5m (5ft) between rows.  When planting it is important to choose a well-drained, sunny or semi-shaded spot and to incorporate plenty of compost or well-rotted manure.  Our hand graded raspberry canes are raised on selected sites in the U.K., inspected by DEFRA for pests and diseases and certified under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS).


For better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).


Blackberry Bush 'Chester Thornless' (Bare Root)
Produces bumper yields!
£13.95  £11.48
Save: 18% off
Blackcurrant Bush 'Ben Hope'
Big-bud resistant!
£9.50  £7.61
Save: 20% off
Gooseberry Bush 'Captivator'
Virtually thornless!
£10.95  £9.31
Save: 15% off
Gooseberry Bush 'Hinnonmaki Yellow'
Mildew resistant & sweet!
£10.50  £8.46
Save: 19% off
Pinkcurrant Bush 'Gloire de Sablon'
Bursting with juice!
£13.95  £11.86
Save: 15% off
Raspberry 'Cascade Delight' (6 canes)
Giant berries! (late)
£15.50  £12.71
Save: 18% off
Raspberry 'Joan J' (6 canes)
Giant fruits! (autumn)
£15.50  £12.71
Save: 18% off
Raspberry 'Malling Minerva' (6 canes)
Spine-free canes! (early)
£15.50  £12.71
Save: 18% off
Redcurrant Bush 'Jonkheer Van Tets'
Early ripening!
£9.50  £7.61
Save: 20% off