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Kiwi Fruit Plants

Kiwi fruit can be grown with ease in the UK provided they are grown against a south facing wall with maximum shelter from prevailing winds. They can crop very heavily outdoors in the south and are very useful for covering walls, fences and pergolas. When the growing conditions are favourable it is possible to harvest up to 13.6kg (30lb) of fruit from a single vine when fully established. Kiwi fruit are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and when picked fresh from the vine, the fruits are deliciously sweet and have a much higher nutrient content than imported fruits. The vines are vigorous and require plenty of space. They should be planted 3-4.5m (10-15ft) apart. Our kiwi fruit plants are container grown and are available for despatch throughout the year.

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Kiwi Vine Collection (Male & Female)New ProductSAVE £5.00
£47.90  £42.90
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Kiwi Vine Collection (Male & Female)This collection consists of 1 male plant and 1 female plant.Buy Now
Hardy Kiwi Vine 'Issai'
£23.95Hardy Kiwi Vine 'Issai'Also known as the ‘hardy kiwi’, this species of kiwi (Actinidia arguta) produces grape-sized fruits with very thin ‘fuzzless’ skins. The flavour is sweeter than the ‘fuzzy’ kiwi and the fruits can be eaten whole - they don’t even need to be peeled. Kids love them! The vine is very hardy (down to -34°C).Buy Now
Hardy Kiwi Vine 'Ken's Red'
£23.95Hardy Kiwi Vine 'Ken's Red'This unique variety was bred in New Zealand by horticulturist Ken Nobbs, who crossed two species of hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta cordifolia and Actinidia melanandra). The fruits are the size of a gooseberry and are very attractive with smooth, edible purple-red skin and red flesh. Sweeter and more aromatic than the normal kiwi, the fruits are delicious picked straight from the bush. Heavy cropping.Buy Now
Kiwi Vine 'Hayward'New Product
£23.95Kiwi Vine 'Hayward'Bred in New Zealand in 1924, this kiwi fruit is considered to have the sweetest flavour of the existing green varieties. The creamy-white flowers are up to 4cm across and are borne later in the season than other varieties making it a good choice for our UK climate. So long as it is adequately pollinated by a male plant it will produce large, oval fruits (up to 7cm long) in the autumn that are pale green-brown in colour and covered in silky hairs.Buy Now
Kiwi Vine 'Jenny'
£23.95Kiwi Vine 'Jenny'This variety is ideal if you only have room for one of these spectacular climbers in your garden as it is one of the few self-fertile kiwis, eliminating the need for a non-fruiting male plant. It produces heavy crops of very sweet fruits in the late summer.Buy Now
Kiwi Vine 'Solissimo'
£26.50Kiwi Vine 'Solissimo'This is the first self-fertile variety to produce large fruits (approximately twice the size of Jenny). The fruits are juicy with an excellent aromatic flavour. The plant is an impressive climber with attractive green foliage and masses of creamy white blossom that appears early summer. Hardy and more reliable than other self-fertile varieties.Buy Now
Kiwi Vine 'Tomuri'New Product
£23.95Kiwi Vine 'Tomuri'This male kiwi variety is a reliable pollinator of Hayward and other large fruited female kiwi plants (Actinidia deliciosa). One plant will pollinate up to seven female plants provided they are only a few meters away. It will also pollinate the self-fertile varieties, leading to higher yields and larger fruits. The plant is vigorous and summer pruning is essential.Buy Now
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