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Gardening Accessories

We are proud offer a carefully selected range of quality and innovative gardening accessories to help you get the very best from your crops.  Many of our products are aimed to meet the needs of today’s environmentally friendly gardener, offering the best chemical free pest and weather protection for plants.


Shop our range of gardening accessories today.

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After Plant Organic Tree & Shrub Feed with Rootgrow (1kg)
£10.95After Plant Organic Tree & Shrub Feed with Rootgrow (1kg)An all purpose, organic plant feed with added rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal fungi and boosted with plant derived amino acids for increased yields on fruiting plants. It is designed to kick start soil fertility during establishment, using nutrients and additives that will actively encourage the natural symbiosis between the plant, Mycorrhizal fungi and essential soil bacteria that stimulates healthy plant growth. After Plant is safe and easy to use and can be applied anytime during the active growing season as a top dressing or tonic to help establishing plants.Buy Now
Agriframes Fruit Cage with Door
£382.95 inc. p&pAgriframes Fruit Cage with DoorThousands of gardeners take their first step to serious fruit crops with this professional but affordable fruit cage. Engineered in galvanised steel tubing it will resist rust and help you get bumper crops season after season. The complete kit has all you need to get growing; steel frame, steel door, high quality netting, ties, hooks, clips & stakes. Length: 5m (16ft 8in), Width: 2.5m (8ft 4in), Height: 2m (6ft 6in).Buy Now
Agriframes Fruit Tree Arch
£288.95 inc. p&pAgriframes Fruit Tree ArchA traditional round arch, designed with several spacer bars to specifically support fruit trees. Plant one tree centrally each side and train it over the structure to meet at the top. Manufactured from strong matt black polymer coated galvanised steel tubing. Includes Agriframes 15 year guarantee. Height: 2.43m (8ft), Width: 1.52m (5ft), Depth: 81cm (2ft 8in).Buy Now
Agriframes Strawberry Tabletop
£148.95 inc. p&pAgriframes Strawberry TabletopSAVE £20 - Buy any 2 packs of strawberry plants and get the Tabletop for just £128.95!Buy Now
Agriframes Strawberry Tabletop with SuperCrownsSAVE £20
£198.85  £178.85
Save: 10% off
inc. p&p
Agriframes Strawberry Tabletop with SuperCrownsComes complete with 20 strawberry plants - 10 x 'Vibrant' Supercrowns (early) and 10 x Elegance' Supercrowns (mid).Buy Now
Agriframes Telescopic Raspberry Support
£123.95 inc. p&pAgriframes Telescopic Raspberry SupportThe easy way to support raspberries! This frame has a telescopic top rail and comes complete with two twine tying frutiers and anti-bird netting. Manufactured from galvanised steel with a black polymer coating. Includes Agriframes 15 year guarantee. Height: 2.13m (7ft), Width: Min. 1.6m (5ft 3in) - Max. 3m (9ft 10in), Depth: 35cm (1ft 2in).Buy Now
Agriframes Vine Arch
£499.95 inc. p&pAgriframes Vine ArchA timeless classic, this vine arch has been designed to support one vine planted each side of the arch. Comes complete with lattice infills to allow clusters of grapes to tumble through the trellis work. Plant a rose to add that extra scent and beauty to the framework. Manufactured from strong matt black polymer coated galvanised steel. Includes Agriframes 15 year guarantee. Height: 2.5m (8ft 2in), Width: 1.83m (6ft), Depth: 1.27m (4ft 2in).Buy Now
Ant Nest Killer (Treatment for 6 nests)
£19.95 inc. p&pAnt Nest Killer (Treatment for 6 nests)Ant nests can be a real problem to control in border soils and lawns causing raised areas of soil and disruption to plant roots. Both black and red ants can be controlled with parasitic nematodes (Steinernema feltiae). Apply April to September to a well-watered lawn or border. Soil temperature must be at least 10°C. Pack will treat 6 nests.Buy Now
Arbrex Seal & Heal (300g)
£13.95 inc. p&pArbrex Seal & Heal (300g)When a tree is cut, the exposed wood is open to attack from damp, frost and harmful organisms. Arbrex Seal & Heal protects until the natural calus is produced. Derived from natural plant resins and therefore suitable for organic gardeners. Supplied with an easy to use brush applicator.Buy Now
Assorted Vegetable Planters (pack of 3)
£18.95 inc. p&pAssorted Vegetable Planters (pack of 3)Pack of 3 planters of different depths - deep, medium and shallow - ideal for different vegetables and salad crops. Deep: Diameter: 35cm (14in), Height: 45cm (18in). Medium: Diameter: 40cm (16in), Height: 30cm (12in). Shallow: Diameter: 45cm (18in), Height: 25cm (10in).Buy Now
Big Ben Plant Frame
£184.95 inc. p&pBig Ben Plant FrameReach new heights of creativity with your climbers and create an iconic feature in the vegetable garden. Ideal for climbing beans, cucumbers, sweet peas, gourds, squashes and melons. Manufactured from galvanised steel with a high quality powder coated finish. Easy to disassemble for storage. Only requires 40cm² (16in²) of bed space.Buy Now
Bird & Butterfly Protection Netting (2m x 10m)
£28.95Bird & Butterfly Protection Netting (2m x 10m)This lightweight and durable anti-bird netting will protect fruit and vegetables against birds, as well as certain butterflies and moths (including cabbage white). It can be laid over plants without additional support. Mesh size 7mm.Buy Now
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