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Citrus Trees

Citrus are a great addition to any garden and can be grown for many years in pots or planted in the soil in those parts of the country with a reasonably mild climate. The fruits ripen from the late Autumn until mid-spring, but the tree is active at all times of the year with flowers, fruitlets and mature fruits on the tree all at the same time. Citrus will thrive in temperatures above 5ºC and cope with occasional drops below freezing for short periods. During the winter months if the temperature drops below freezing, trees in pots should be moved to a glasshouse, garage or shed and trees planted in the open ground should be wrapped with fleece whilst temperatures stay low. Citrus are not house plants and will not succeed in the environment of central heating.


Our citrus trees are grafted on to Poncirus trifoliata rootstock and are 3-4 years old. They are supplied in 5.5 litre pots and are 60-90cm (2-3ft) tall on despatch (measured from the base of the pot). Trees are usually available all year except from April to late May when the new growth is coming through.


*Our citrus trees are despatched by carrier direct from our supplier. Delivery surcharges may apply to offshore Islands and parts of Scotland. If your delivery postcode falls into one of these areas we request that you contact us prior to placing an order so that we can advise you of any delivery surcharge. Alternatively, we will contact you prior to despatch to advise you of any delivery surcharge.

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Bergamot Orange Tree
£85.95 inc. p&pBergamot Orange TreeThis heavily scented orange is one of the easiest citrus to grow in the UK. Whilst the fruits are not usually eaten raw, the skin and zest are used extensively across the world in perfumes and most commonly in the UK as the essential flavour of Early Grey Tea. A compact and evenly growing tree makes it ideal for patio planting.Buy Now
Calamondin Tree (Calamansi Lime)New Product
£85.95 inc. p&pCalamondin Tree (Calamansi Lime)Thought to be a natural hybrid between a Kumquat and an acid Mandarin, this is perhaps the easiest of the citrus family to grow in the UK. The tree is bushy and compact and very ornamental. It is in flower almost non-stop and can hold a very large number of fruits - it is not unusual for a tree of five or six years old to bare over four hundred fruits each year! The small bright-orange fruits ripen in December and cropping in such large numbers, the tree will brighten any entrance door over Christmas (so long as weather conditions allow!) The fruits can be used to make delicious marmalade and for flavouring drinks. They can also be eaten whole (including the skin) but have a tart flavour.Buy Now
Finger Lime Tree (Caviar Lime)New Product
£85.95 inc. p&pFinger Lime Tree (Caviar Lime)Finger Lime is native to Australia where it grows as a wild and shrubby plant. The pink tubular fruits are very popular in gourmet cooking. They split open to reveal citrus 'caviar' - beautiful pearl like segments which have a delicious, strong citrus flavour and burst on the tongue. They will liven up a G&T or any other drink you would normally add a slice to. Also delicious sprinkled on fish dishes. The tree is very hardy in UK conditions. It is thorny with small leaves so quite different to Mediterranean orange and lemon trees. The creamy-white flowers appear in large numbers during early summer and the fruits begin to ripen during October.Buy Now
Four Seasons Lemon Tree (Lunario Lemon)New Product
£85.95 inc. p&pFour Seasons Lemon Tree (Lunario Lemon)This old Italian variety is commonly known as the Four Seasons Lemon because of its ability to produce fruit and fragrant white flowers in all four seasons of the year. The tree crops very well in the UK. The fruits are larger than the Meyer lemon and have a thin rind and juicy flesh which is slightly acidic with few seeds. The snow-white flowers are often deep pink in bud and give off a marvellous scent that fills the garden air on a spring evening. The tree is vigorous and it should be pruned regularly to keep a good shape.Buy Now
Hand of Buddha TreeNew Product
£85.95 inc. p&pHand of Buddha TreeA unique and unusual shaped citrus that is very easy to grow in UK conditions, giving fruits of great size with what appear to be multiple fingers. The very thick pithy centres of the fruits have a strong citrus flavour which are delicious served in drinks or can be cut to make a wonderful marmalade.Buy Now
Kaffir Lime Tree (Makrut Lime)
£85.95 inc. p&pKaffir Lime Tree (Makrut Lime)For those that like Asian cuisine, Kaffir Lime is a must for the garden. The strangely knobbly green fruits are full of spicy perfumed juice whilst the zest brings a further dimension of flavour. The leaf is also used extensively and can be dried out in the sun for use throughout the year. Whilst the leaf is sold in good grocers, the fruits never are, so home growing is essential for all of these wonderful flavours.Buy Now
Limetta Tree (Sweet Lime)New Product
£85.95 inc. p&pLimetta Tree (Sweet Lime)To all intents and purposes Limettas look just like small lemons, but if you squeeze the juice or eat a segment then you are in for a big surprise, as the taste, whilst it is certainly lemon in flavour, is also non-acidic. For some of us the flavour is a little more Lime like and for that reason common alternative names for this variety of citrus are the Sweet Lemon or Sweet Lime. In India, where the variety is grown quite extensively, it is known as Musambi and it is used to treat cold and flu symptoms and a large range of bone related conditions. It has very high vitamin C levels and has been given the nick-name of the 'Cold-Killer'.Buy Now
Meyer Lemon Tree
£85.95 inc. p&pMeyer Lemon TreeThis very sweet lemon is famous across California for its flavour and aroma. The tree habit is compact and the crops large, typically 20 or 30 fruits on a tree of 3 years old. The flowers have a magnificent scent which fills the garden during early morning and evening.Buy Now
Rangpur Lime Tree (Mandarin Lime)New Product
£85.95 inc. p&pRangpur Lime Tree (Mandarin Lime)This fruit has three different names depending in which part of the world you are standing. A cross between the Mandarin orange and a lemon, it has a taste much more akin to a lime than either of its parents. So much so in fact, that in South America it’s used as a lime substitute, and in Central Asia it is known as the Rangpur Lime. The leaves have an aromatic flavour, similar to kaffir lime leaves and can be used to flavour curries in much the same way. The great Victorian naturalist Joseph Hooker came across is during one of his plant collecting exploits in India and was so impressed with its refreshing attributes that he sent trees back to Charles Darwin. The Mandarin Lime (yet another of its names), forms a compact tree and due to its hardiness (it will withstand temperatures down to -6ºC) is very suitable for growing in planters on the terrace or balcony. It produces a mass of small white flowers which give off a very strong scent from Spring until late Summer. The fruits which are about the size of a snooker-ball ripen from late winter until late Spring. The skin is dark orange and rather speckled whilst the flesh is bright orange.Buy Now
Satsuma Tree
£85.95 inc. p&pSatsuma TreeThe hardiest of the citrus varieties that we offer. Satsuma is a native of the very cold parts of Asia where it has adapted to withstand temperatures of -15°c for sustained periods. It is one of the easier Citrus varieties to crop and makes a very compact tree with a small leaf and multiple fruits. It is also one of the sweetest citrus fruits, and being easier to peel than a tangerine is a great favourite in the UK. The fruits ripen in late October and November.Buy Now
Seville Orange Tree
£85.95 inc. p&pSeville Orange TreeBetter known as the Marmalade Orange. This very evenly shaped tree is very suitable for growing in the soil as well as in pots. The crops can be very large as are the fruits, and if fully ripe the flesh is quite sweet. The fruits ripen in late winter and the whole fruit can be used in the marmalade production.Buy Now
Tahiti Lime Tree
£85.95 inc. p&pTahiti Lime TreeThis lime is grown across the globe and is instantly recognisable. The small green fruits which ripen to a yellow-orange colour if left on the tree can be used in drinks and cookery. The fruits are often held on the tree in small bunches and the crops can be considerable. The white blossom has a green tinge to the petal with a strong perfume to match.Buy Now
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