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Ornamental Trees & Hedging

If Ornamental Trees are a worthwile addition to any garden. As well as adding height and structure, they can be rewarding for their spring blossom and autumn leaf colour and in the case of hedging plants, can be used to form an attractive boundary. Many will also produce a substantial crop of edible fruit and will attract birds and beneficial wildlife. Most young ornamental trees can be pruned to suit even the smallest of gardens and hedging plants can be trimmed to suit most requirements.

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Cherry Plum Hedging (12 plants)
£26.95Cherry Plum Hedging (12 plants)A fast growing hedge producing tasty red or yellow plums in the late summer. Delicious eaten fresh but also ideal for making jams, wines and liqueurs. The branches are smothered in masses of pure white flowers in early March. Plant 60cm (2ft) apart.Buy Now
Cornelian Cherry Hedging (12 plants)
£34.95Cornelian Cherry Hedging (12 plants)Makes a wonderful hedge. An abundance of attractive, small yellow flowers in February are followed by bright red edible cherry-like fruits that can be used to make highly nutritious jellies and compotes. The foliage turns red-purple in the autumn. Plant 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.Buy Now
Dog Rose (Wild Rose) Hedging (6 plants)
£17.95Dog Rose (Wild Rose) Hedging (6 plants)A fast growing prickly shrub often used in an informal mixed hedge to form an impenetrable barrier. The arching stems produce a burst of pale pink flowers in May/June followed by a fantastic show of edible bright red hips that are good for rose-hip syrup or providing bird food in the winter. Plant 30-45cm (12-18in) apart.Buy Now
Edible Hedging Mix (18 plants)
£49.95Edible Hedging Mix (18 plants)Collection consists of 6 x Cherry Plum, 6 x Cornelian Cherry and 6 x Hazel.Buy Now
Elder Hedging (6 plants)
£21.50Elder Hedging (6 plants)A fast growing shrub that can be used in a mixed hedgerow or in rows as a screening plant. Use the flowers and fruit to make delicious elderberry wine and cordial. Grows well in coastal areas. Plant 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.Buy Now
Field Maple Hedging (12 plants)New Product
£33.95Field Maple Hedging (12 plants)One of the best hedging plants for autumn colour. The young foliage is tinged red before turning to green and then yellow in the autumn. Makes an excellent fast growing, dense hedge. Will do well in any well drained but moist soil including windy and coastal areas. Plant 60cm (2ft) apart.Buy Now
Golden Elder Hedging (6 plants)
£16.95Golden Elder Hedging (6 plants)A fast growing shrub grown for its golden yellow foliage, fragrant white flowers and fruit. The flowers and fruit can be used to make elderberry wine and cordial. Grows well in coastal areas. Can be used in rows as a screening plant or in a mixed hedgerow. Plant 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.Buy Now
Green Beech Hedging (6 plants)
£24.95Green Beech Hedging (6 plants)A superb formal hedge. Beautiful fresh green spring foliage turning dark green in the summer and rich orange-brown in the autumn. Retains its copper foliage throughout the winter. Ideal for exposed areas. Thrives in any well drained soil. Shade tolerant. Plant 25-45cm (10-18in) apart.Buy Now
Guelder Rose Hedging (6 plants)
£23.50Guelder Rose Hedging (6 plants)Britain’s most beautiful native shrub can also be grown into an informal fast growing hedge. It produces heavily scented white flowers in the late spring and numerous bunches of bright red translucent berries in the autumn. Brilliant red autumn foliage. Thrives in damp and wet soils. Plant 60cm (2ft) apart. Ultimate height (untrimmed): 7.6m (25ft). Recommended hedge height: 1.5-3m (5-10ft). Average growth rate: 30cm (1ft) per year.Buy Now
Hawthorn (May) Hedging (12 plants)
£28.50Hawthorn (May) Hedging (12 plants)A fast growing hedge producing masses of scented white flowers in the late spring followed by small bright red berries (haws) in the autumn. The fruits are edible and can be made into jellies, jams and syrups. Will tolerate wet soils and partial shade. Plant 20-30cm (8-12in) apart.Buy Now
Hazel Hedging (12 plants)
£31.50Hazel Hedging (12 plants)Fast growing hedge covered in long yellow catkins in the spring and delicious nuts in the autumn. Orange-gold autumn leaf colour. Plant 60-90cm (2-3ft) apart.Buy Now
Malus 'Aros' (Crab Apple Tree)New Product
£38.95Malus 'Aros' (Crab Apple Tree)This stunning dwarf upright tree won the New Plant Award at the 2017 National Plant Show. It produces bright purple-pink blossom in the spring and shiny burgundy/black foliage that turns slightly green with age. The fruits are small, dark red-maroon and persist on the tree well in to the autumn. Reaching a maximum height of 3m (10ft) in 10 years, the tree is ideal for growing in a container or a smaller space. The tree is approximately 60-90cm (2-3ft) tall on despatch. Sold Out 
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