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Growing Aids

How often do we arrive at a situation and think “if only I had .....”? This group of products from Pomona Fruits should go some way to resolving those issues. We may not have thought of everything, but what we have included has already established itself as a useful addition for the home gardener wanting to get the most out of their fruit and vegetable crops.

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Arbrex Seal & Heal (300g)
£13.95 inc. p&pArbrex Seal & Heal (300g)When a tree is cut, the exposed wood is open to attack from damp, frost and harmful organisms. Arbrex Seal & Heal protects until the natural calus is produced. Derived from natural plant resins and therefore suitable for organic gardeners. Supplied with an easy to use brush applicator.Buy Now
Bumblebee Hive & Wooden Shelter
£149.95 inc. p&pBumblebee Hive & Wooden ShelterPomona Fruits can now supply colonies of the native British bumblebee (Bombus Terrestris audax). The colony consists of a queen and workers, with a supply of ‘nectar’ to feed the bumblebees if a natural source of nectar is in short supply. The colony can also be purchased without the wooden shelter.Buy Now
Bumblebee New Season Hive (Replacement)
£96.95 inc. p&pBumblebee New Season Hive (Replacement)Pomona Fruits can now supply colonies of the native British bumblebee (Bombus Terrestris audax). The colony consists of a queen and workers, with a supply of ‘nectar’ to feed the bumblebees if a natural source of nectar is in short supply. Please note: The colony alone is not suitable for use outdoors without protection from the weather but can be purchased with a wooden shelter.Buy Now
Easy Path
£21.95Easy PathThis instant fold-out pathway is ideal for placing between rows of vegetables, herbs and strawberries and will also protect wet lawns from wheelbarrows and foot traffic. The tough outer weed barrier prevents weeds from growing between rows of plants. The strong internal grid provides support for wheelbarrows and wellington boots. Manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene mesh and woven high density polyethylene weedbarrier. Length: 3m (10ft), Width: 30cm (1ft).Buy Now
Fruit Feed (900g)New Product
£9.95Fruit Feed (900g)A balanced feed (N.P.K 5-5-10) specially formulated for fruit (except blueberries and cranberries which are acid loving). It contains the vital nutrients and trace elements required for plant growth and heavy crops of top quality fruit.Buy Now
Garden Maypole
£35.95 inc. p&pGarden MaypoleThis plant support is both elegant and versatile and is ideal for climbing annuals and perennials such as sweet peas, clematis, runner beans and peas. The centre pole and decorative finial are manufactured from black powder coated steel. Supplied with 8 rot-proof polypropylene strings and 8 galvanised steel anchor pegs. Quick and easy to erect. Height: 1.9m (6ft 3in), Width: 1m (3ft 3in).Buy Now
Gripple Wire Tensioning Kit
£36.95Gripple Wire Tensioning KitThe Gripple system is the fastest way to support climbing plants, fruits and vegetables, removing the need to work with awkward and unmanageable metal wire. It is ideal for raspberries, blackberries, grape vines and trained fruit trees. The system can be used on walls, fences and posts. Easy to use - the solid U.V. stabilized nylon wire is fed through vine eyes or around posts and is automatically tensioned as it passes back through the unique push-fit Gripple Tensioner. It is easily pulled tight by hand and slack can be taken up by pulling more wire through. The Gripple system will support up to 100kg (220lbs) of load. There is no metal at all so nothing to rust.Buy Now
Heavy Duty Tree Ties (pack of 6)
£9.95Heavy Duty Tree Ties (pack of 6)Made from weatherproof rubber elastomer which is UV, cold and pollution resistant, these heavy duty yet soft tree ties have grooves which expand as the tree grows, eliminating adjustment and tree damage. They are fitted in a loop preventing friction between the tree and supporting stake, with the grooves to the inside allowing rain-water to drain away, averting disease. We recommend using two ties on each tree. Length 40cm (16in).Buy Now
Mason Bee Nest Box
£29.95Mason Bee Nest BoxBees play an essential role in the garden pollinating fruit and flowers. With honey bee populations under decline it is important to encourage other native species to live in our gardens. This bee nest provides nesting sites for mason bees - docile, solitary bees which are excellent pollinators, will improve fruit crops and are safe around children and pets. Contains 30 nesting tubes.Buy Now
Mason Bee Nest Replacement Liners
£11.95Mason Bee Nest Replacement LinersPack of 130 plastic liners to ensure a clean and healthy environment. Please note the outer tubes are not included.Buy Now
Pea & Bean Frame
£54.95 inc. p&pPea & Bean FrameThis easy to install growing frame is ideal for runner beans, peas, sweet peas and other climbing annuals. The frame is manufactured from black powder coated steel with flexible push-fit joints. It is supplied with strong 10cm (4in) polyethylene netting. Includes galvanised steel pegs for securing the frame and netting to the ground. Length: 1.2m (4ft), Width: 0.8m (2ft 8in). Height: 2m (6ft 7in).Buy Now
Rabbit Guards (pack of 5)
£7.95Rabbit Guards (pack of 5)Protect your newly planted trees from rabbits with these spiral tree guards. Height: 60cm (2ft). Suitable for trees with a minimum 60cm (2ft) of clear stem. Colour may vary (transparent or brown) depending on stock availability.Buy Now
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