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Everything you need to get the most out of your fruit crops.


Arbrex Seal & Heal (300g)
Protects against diseases!
£11.95 inc. p&p
Bumblebee Hive
Improve pollination!
£74.95 inc. p&p
Bumblebee Hive & Wooden Shelter
Improve pollination!
£89.95 inc. p&p
Easy Path
Instant fold-out pathway!
Ericaceous Feed
Ideal for blueberries & cranberries!
Fruit Feed
For heavy crops of quality fruit!
Gripple Wire Tensioning Kit
A simple way to trellis fruit!
Growpots (pack of 3)
Improve your growbag crops!
£20.50 inc. p&p
Growpots (pack of 6)
£41.00  £32.00
Save: 22% off
inc. p&p
The smart way to dig!
£12.95 inc. p&p
Heavy Duty Tree Ties (pack of 6)
The best quality ties available!
Mason Bee Nest
Improve pollination!