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Ornamental Trees (Pot Grown)

Ornamental Trees are a worthwhile addition to any garden. As well as adding height and structure, they can be rewarding for their spring blossom and autumn leaf colour.

Pot grown ornamental trees are available for planting throughout the spring/summer months.

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Malus 'Butterball' (Pot Grown)
£54.50Malus 'Butterball' (Pot Grown)This crab apple tree looks stunning in the autumn when its heavily laden branches are glowing with butter coloured fruits that ripen with a red flush. In the spring the tree is smothered in soft pinkish-white blossom. This is an excellent alternative to Malus ‘Golden Hornet’ as it is heavier cropping and more reliable. The fruits are ideal for making crab apple jelly.Buy Now
Malus 'Gorgeous' (Pot Grown)
£54.50Malus 'Gorgeous' (Pot Grown)This small rounded crab apple tree lives up to its name and is very disease resistant. In spring it produces a mass of scented white blossom, opening from pink buds. This is followed by crimson fruits that resemble the most perfect miniature apples, that hold well into November and are ideal for making a tangy, pink jelly. The dark green foliage is tinted orange-yellow in autumn.Buy Now
Malus 'Neville Copeman' (Pot Grown)
£54.50Malus 'Neville Copeman' (Pot Grown)This magnificent crab apple is very decorative, producing deep pink/purple blossom in the spring, reddish new foliage that matures to green and large plum-sized red fruits in the autumn that can be used to make jelly.Buy Now
Malus 'Pink Glow' (Pot Grown)
£54.50Malus 'Pink Glow' (Pot Grown)A more disease resistant alternative to John Downie, this is one of the best early season fruiting crab apples for making jelly and an excellent ornamental. The strong single white flowers are followed by large bright pink fruits that look like plums.Buy Now
Malus 'Professor Sprenger' (Pot Grown)
£64.95Malus 'Professor Sprenger' (Pot Grown)This beautiful crab apple rivals some of the flowering cherries for it’s display of fragrant white flowers that open from deep rose-pink buds in the spring. In the autumn the leaves turn yellow but the main feature at this time of year is the mass of very showy yellow-orange fruits that change to orange-red with a pink blush and will hang on the tree until January.Buy Now
Prunus 'Beni-yutaka' (Pot Grown) Japanese Flowering Cherry
£64.95Prunus 'Beni-yutaka' (Pot Grown) Japanese Flowering CherryThis stunning vase-shaped Japanese Flowering Cherry tree is ideal for smaller spaces. It bears huge clusters of highly fragrant, large, semi-double, sugar-pink flowers with a distinctive centre eye that darkens with maturity. In the autumn the green foliage turns from green to orange and rich crimson-red. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Kanzan' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry Tree
£64.95Prunus 'Kanzan' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry TreeOne of the showiest Japanese flowering cherries and probably the most widely grown, producing masses of dense double-pink blossom in late April. The spring foliage is coppery-red turning green in summer and then orange in autumn. The tree is strong growing with an upright habit and wide arching branches. Very reliable and easy to grow. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Kiku-shidare-zakura' (Pot Grown) Weeping Cherry Tree
£64.95Prunus 'Kiku-shidare-zakura' (Pot Grown) Weeping Cherry TreeA very popular weeping Japanese flowering cherry suitable for small gardens. A stunning display of double pink spring blossom is followed by the emergence of copper-green foliage that turns to a deeper green as the season progresses. In autumn the foliage turns to shades of orange-red. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Royal Burgundy' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry Tree
£64.95Prunus 'Royal Burgundy' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry TreeThis Japanese flowering cherry is impressive for its superb rose-pink double blossom and contrasting rich burgundy foliage. It is also one of the best flowering cherries for autumn colour – the foliage turns a spectacular cerise-red in autumn. Introduced from the USA as a bronze-leaved sport of Prunus ‘Kanzan’ this medium sized vase-shaped tree is just as easy to grow. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Shirofugen' (Pot Grown) Japanese Flowering Cherry
£64.95Prunus 'Shirofugen' (Pot Grown) Japanese Flowering CherryThis is one of the most beautiful Japanese flowering cherry trees, producing clusters of large double white flowers that turn to purplish pink before they drop. The spring foliage emerges bronze, becomes green in the summer and then turns orange-red in the autumn. A very popular choice as it is one of the latest flowering cherries to bloom and the blossom lasts much longer than other varieties, often from April/May until early June. A medium sized widely spreading tree that will look impressive in any sized garden. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Shogetsu' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry Tree
£64.95Prunus 'Shogetsu' (Pot Grown) Flowering Cherry TreeWidely known as the ‘Blushing Bride’ this is one of the loveliest Japanese flowering cherries, suitable for small gardens. The large semi-double flowers are pink in bud opening to pure white and hang along the branches in large bunches from April-May. In autumn the foliage turns to fiery red. The tree is small with a graceful spreading habit. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
Prunus 'Snow Showers' (Pot Grown) Weeping Cherry Tree
£64.95Prunus 'Snow Showers' (Pot Grown) Weeping Cherry TreeA lovely weeping dwarf ornamental cherry tree well suited to small gardens and container growing. It produces a stunning display of single white blossom in late March. The foliage is mid-green turning to fiery shades of red, orange and yellow during autumn. Chalk tolerant.Buy Now
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