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Root Control

Tree roots can easily be controlled by planting into a Rootex root control bag. A Rootex bag will produce a tree with more fibrous roots, reduced vigour and will promote early fruiting. Rootex is a special patented copper coated fabric. When the root tip comes into contact with the copper it stops growing, the apical dominance is interrupted and new feeder (fibrous) roots develop further back towards the tree. This prevents roots from circling and enables better absorption of water and nutrients. Rootex is permeable, allowing water and nutrients to pass through it.


Another benefit of planting a tree in a Rootex bag is that it can be transplanted to another site without damage to the root system even 10 years after it was originally planted. They are used commercially to grow larger trees that are transplanted after 5 or 6 years. Rootex enables the trees to be moved at any time of the year without causing damage to the root system.


Rootex bags are available in a range of sizes. The larger bags (with a capacity of 95 litres) are ideal for large trees such as walnuts, chestnuts and mulberries.  Medium sized bags (45 litre capacity) are ideal for figs which benefit from root restriction. Smaller bags (10 or 18 litre capacity) can be used for keeping herbs and grasses under control.


Rootex Root Control Bag (2 x 18 Litre Bags)
Ideal for small shrubs!
£16.95 inc. p&p
Rootex Root Control Bag (3 x 10 Litre Bags)
Ideal for herbs & grasses!
£19.50 inc. p&p
Rootex Root Control Bag (45 Litre)
Ideal for fig trees!
£10.95 inc. p&p
Rootex Root Control Bag (95 Litre)
Ideal for larger trees!
£20.95 inc. p&p