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Sambucus (Elderberry Bushes)

The Common Elder (Sambucus nigra) is mostly known as a hedgerow plant with perfumed creamy-white flowers and small, dark black berries that can be used to make cordial and wine. There are however some new introductions that are highly ornamental, with beautiful dark purple leaves - they will look beautiful and add drama to any garden setting. Elder is great for attracting wildlife to the garden, providing nectar for bees and and fruit for many species of songbird. Fast growing and easy to grow, the plants have a shrubby growth habit and can be planted at the back of a mixed border or planted in a row to create an attractive hedge or screen. They will grow well in most sites (including coastal areas) but will do best in moist but well drained soil and should be planted in full sun or partial shade. Elderberry plants are supplied in pots and are available throughout the year.

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Elderberry Bush 'Black Beauty'New Product
£25.95Elderberry Bush 'Black Beauty'This outstanding variety of elder is notable for its dramatic deep purple foliage and beautiful pinkish-purple flowers which contrast wonderfully with the dark leaves. The purple-black fruits are very attractive to song birds and can be used to make elderflower wine. The lemon scented blossom can be used to make elderflower cordial. Reaches a maximum height of 2.4-4.5m (8-15ft) but can be restricted with pruning.Buy Now
Elderberry Bush 'Black Lace'
£25.95Elderberry Bush 'Black Lace'This outstanding variety has pretty pink flowers and dramatic purple-black dissected foliage. The reddish-black fruits make a wonderful wine and the lemon scented flowers can be used to make cordial. Will grow in most soils in full sun or partial shade and withstands frost & wind damage. Reaches a maximum height of 3m (10ft) but can be restricted with pruning.Buy Now
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