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We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our customer service, so we greatly value your feedback. If you would like to share your experiences about our products or customer service, please use the Contact Us form.

Customer Feedback


Yesterday I get my almond tree from you. It seems in really good shape/condition. I just want to thank you.
Konstantinos Gkoro (13/12/22)


The plants look great. Snug in the greenhouse. Very excited to be planting them asap.
Alex Phillips (8/12/22)


Many thanks for the Red Sentinel, just arrived safely. Your packaging is the best-designed I have ever encountered for plants - sturdy, easy to carry and easy to undo.
Ann Noon (6/12/22)


10 minutes after sending the e-mail to you the trees and shrubs turned up at the door! Excellent service …… Thanks again for your service, i will definitely use you again for garden produce.
Paul Tallis (1/12/22)


Just received my fruit trees - thank you very much.
Sally Osborne (1/12/22)


Just received my consignment of 6 fruit trees. Great quality specimens, very well packed. Thankyou.
John Newberry (25/11/22)


The tree arrived on time and in good condition.
Mike Ward (25/11/22)


Thanks very much for sending my replacement greengage which arrived safely today. Very good service.
Gavin Young (11/11/22)


I just wish to inform you that my plum tree Jubilee, arrived yesterday in good condition.
Anthony Fox (11/11/22)


Hello Pomona. My replacement fruit tree has just arrived. All looks good. So many thanks for remembering to send it after last year's specimen tree died.
Brian Kelley (9/11/22)


I was so delighted with the quality of my recent order strawberry plants that I was encouraged to order more plants. I appreciate it! Thank you.
Janet Croft (2/11/22)


I am so thrilled with this crop of almonds the last of which were harvested three weeks ago. Planted the little tree four or five years ago in open soil. It needs severe pruning each year as my garden is only 4m square! I contacted you after the first year when it had peach curl, took off then, and since, the affected leaves and have enjoyed the spectacular blossom and fruit each year. I am sure the success is due to the climate in this part of Kent and I have since bought my 'gifters' a tree of their own and keep spreading the message. SO, a big thank you for growing my little pride and joy.
Thelma Barlow (29/10/22)


Hi, I've picked up strawberry plants up from post office today. Great plants.
Lynn Parkinson (28/10/22)


Have received today a Sibley's Patio Nectarine in lovely condition and packed perfectly. Your service has been excellent and l thank you for dealing with me so professionally.
R.Wain (18/10/22)


Thank you so very much for such wonderful service. I will definitely always be buying my fruit plants from yourselves in the future, and will always recommend Pomona Fruits to family and friends.
Dean Hawkins (8/10/22)


Very pleased with the trees & asparagus & the excellent customer service.
Veronica Smith (4/9/22)


Many thanks for getting back to me and I am very impressed that you will send replacement items later this year. This is greatly appreciated and unexpected - thank you! I will be sure to order from you again with such good customer service.
Lucy Stevenson (30/8/22)


I would like to say that with the orders for asparagus that I have placed with you I have had a 100% success rate. This compares with packeted asparagus with a 20 % success rate. My orders and deliveries from you have been really successful and a big thank you for such amazing quality plants and trees.
Nigel Jenner (7/8/22)


I like this company been reliable in the past!
Lynne Burrow (6/7/22)


I would just like to say thank you very much for a delivery of a new grape vine It is very much appreciated. Thanks again for fantastic service.
Maria Coleman (28/6/22)


Excellent grape vine, delivered in perfect condition. Couldn't be better. Thank you.
Marie Whitefoot (25/6/22)


I would like to say thank you for arranging a replacement to be sent to me when lifted in Nov/Dec and responding so favourably. Very pleased with your customer service.
Jenny Blythe (16/5/22)


Hello, I have received the order and they look lovely amongst Nasturtiums on my Wall Planter for my Daughter. I hope they bear this year. Again, I am pleased with the plants I purchased from Pomona. They arrived looking quite healthy. I am very sure I will be buying more plants in the future. Many thanks and God Bless!
Chayanna Ramdass (16/5/22)


Plants arrived Thursday, planted out on Friday and are looking well today (Saturday).
Kenneth Somerville (16/4/22)


I don't leave many reviews. Most online interactions are what would be expected. That is: I ordered it, you sent it, it's fine. In my opinion this does not warrant a review. I only post when something is exceptionally good or bad which is why I am posting this. Plant quality: excellent. Packaging: Excellent. Customer service after problem: Excellent. I would be more than happy to order again. Many thanks.
Bill Cooke (15/4/22)


Hi, just to let you know I received my order today it came quickly from DX delivery really pleased with the tree thank you.
Phyllis Mccouid (12/4/22)


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the asparagus crowns that arrived yesterday. I was really impressed with the quality of them and they are already safely planted. I haven’t purchased from you before so I was a little concerned but obviously need not have worried at all!
Sarah Irving (11/4/22)


I just thought I would drop a note to say how pleased I am with the fruit trees. The peach is in the greenhouse in its initial fan shape prune. New leaves are coming nicely and it looks like 8 peaches have taken from the blossom. The plum tree is now bursting in leave also. Thank you very much.
Tony Buttifant (5/4/22)


Around 6 weeks ago, I received my order from you. I am so pleased with the results of my purchase. My Crabapple 'evereste' is looking beautiful with leaves and the beginning of blossom as is my Cox and Conference. They were all very well packaged. I've been recommending Pomona Fruits to all my friends.
David Miller (1/4/22)


Your after sales is superb, we do pass this on, thank you.
Colin Stride (31/3/22)


Two marvellous plants. Thank you.
A.Brown (18/3/22)


Recieved strawberry bare roots today in good condition. Thank you.
John Wiewiorka (10/3/22)


Last year I ordered raspberry canes and sadly only a few actually grew but when i emailed I received a reply saying that they would be re sent this year. I had fully expected to have to email again with a reminder of that commitment, however I was pleased to see that the raspberry canes arrived a few days ago without needing a prompt from me. Thank you for such good customer service.
Jenny Boutle (3/2/22)


Just a quick line to say many thanks for arranging our replacement raspberry canes which arrived today. Your excellent customer care is much appreciated.
Colin Chandler (24/2/22)


Thank you very much for your swift reply and helpful solution. This is excellent customer service.
Kirsten Pairpoint (21/2/22)


I very much appreciated you sending replacements and look forward to receiving them. Your customer Service is excellent, as we have found before and will order from you again in the future.
Keith Garside (15/2/22)


Order arrived today in excellent condition. The trees are good sturdy examples and I'm more than impressed with your service. Thank you.
Tom Tit (7/2/22)


Our apple trees have just arrived - they are lovely strong trees. Thank you so much for quick delivery and great products. We will certainly use you from now on.
Janet Telford (7/2/22)


Excellent service. Many thanks.
Gerard O'Brien (28/1/22)


Thank you, received plants today. Brilliant.
Lynn Parkinson (26/1/22)


Many thanks indeed for sending the replacement cherry tree. Our keen gardener neighbours are most impressed at your customer service and with the quality of the other trees and hedging you have supplied. Best wishes for a well-deserved successful and prosperous year ahead.
Sue Corbin (11/1/22)


I received my two apple trees all boxed up. The trees look in excellent condition, clean, roots in loose compost and bagged. The telescopic stakes are ingenious and worth buying. The screw thread end cap locks into the substrate making it easy to position the tree and backfill. The small booklet that came in the box is well written and very comprehensive. Shame my garden isn't bigger as I would certainly buy more apple trees.
Robert Cooke (28/12/21)


Thank you for sending the plants out to me, they are great! Have a good Christmas.
Mark Casey (23/12/21)


I have received the replacement bare root peach as promised. It is a good looking healthy specimen! Please convey to all at Pomona that you have been very professional in the matter and I will continue to purchase your trees.
John Christofides (17/12/21)

I would like to say a big thank you for delivering my Sorbus tree in good time. It is a splendid little tree with a good root system and is already potted up ready to give as a Christmas present. Thank you for your good customer service. Merry Christmas.
Diane Kastner (15/12/21)

Just to let you no my parcel arrived late last night. And would like to say thank you for getting back to me so quickly. If I want any more trees I will be ordering from you. Just like to say what great service you have provided.
Susan Mclean (14/12/21)

Thank you very much for sending me the replacement Quince tree which arrived today. I really appreciate your service and will happily recommend your company.
Hilda Matthews (2/12/21)

Many thanks for replacing my failed Apricot tree supplied last winter. I will start looking to improve my usage of your superb customer service by planting other crops. Once again many thanks.
Clive Saulter (1/12/21)

I just wanted to write to say how absolutely delighted I was to receive the strawberries making up the above order.  They arrived yesterday - in Jersey - and were in tip top condition. The packaging had completely withstood the ravages of going through the mail and all of the 36 plants were absolutely fine.  Duly planted up yesterday afternoon and looking very healthy this morning! I look forward to lots of delicious strawberries next year!! Many thanks for the excellent service and very high quality plants.
James Crill (27/8/21)

A beautiful replacement plant has arrived and been planted. I can only thank you for the impeccable customer service and recommend you to everyone and look forward to purchasing many more plants in the future.
Graham Watts (20/7/21)

Thank you very much and i will tell my neighbours and friends of how helpful and prompt you have been. Also neighbours comment regularly on the hawthorn which is doing very well.
Carole Shaughnessy (9/7/21)

Hello Barry, further to our earlier telephone conversation regarding Ruby beauty patio raspberry, I would just like to thank you for your help regarding a replacement of "Yummy" to be delivered after July 2nd. You have been most helpful and I shall definitely shop with you again and recommend you to our gardening club.
Jacqueline Watson (18/6/21)

Just to let you know that I am very pleased with my first order of a Kordia cherry tree. It arrived in good time and in perfect condition. Many thanks.
Edward J Cohen (15/6/21)

Thank you, Barry! The Howgate Wonder had beautiful blossom on in May - so happy with the trees - thank you!
Jennifer Massey (14/6/21)

Just a note to say thank you for sending me the Guelph Millennium Asparagus which arrived safely yesterday. Thanks also for the Instructions, very helpful, much appreciated. The asparagus is now in its bed.
Dave Pook (10/6/21)

I’m just delighted with the replacement Blueberry bush which has just arrived safe and sound. Thank you for being so prompt and efficient. I’m certainly encouraged to order from you again!
Jenny Beaman (5/6/21)

I want to thank you all for your quick delivery of my big ben currant, sibley patio  and standard redcurrant. Beautiful package enabling the plants to arrive safely. I am totally impressed with the quality and found the booklet enclosed very helpful. Thank you.
Sue Shipton (28/5/21)

I received your plants and was so impressed by the way you grow and transport them! The happiest, chunkiest, liveliest bare roots I've seen.
Polina Glavatskikh (15/5/21)

Thank you so much for my order of the blueberry bushes. They were received promptly, in good condition and safely packed.
James Hughes (14/5/21)

Didn't know what to expect having never ordered plants by post before, but asparagus crowns arrived earlier than expected, looking very healthy and larger than expected.   Having been in the ground just over a week now They are already shooting.  Information sheet was also very helpful. Great start to a long growing process.  So pleased, thank you.
Nikki Pearson (14/5/21)

Just a note to let you know that we received our order in good condition on Wednesday the 5th. I managed to find the time to get them into the soil that day. The information you sent was well appreciated. Well pleased with our order, thankyou!
Katherine Paine (10/5/21)

I have just received my Ken's Red Kiwi and had to say thank you for an exceptionally good quality plant.  Delivery was also very quick. One of the best mail order plants I have received.
Richard Huk (28/4/21)

Thank you so much for the tomatoe plants they arrived in very good condition and are now planted and raring to go.
Roy Jones (28/4/21)

Dear Pomona Fruits, Thankyou so much for my order-now safely arrived and beautifully packed. I have had fruit trees from you and they are full of blossom! Best wishes to you all and many thanks for your hard work in these difficult times and keep safe.
Anna Dane (26/4/21)

I would just like to say many thanks for the very good raspberry and blackberry plants that arrived today from you, i think they are fantastic. Cheers.
Steve Bradwick (13/4/21)

Thank you so much for my orders - all 3 were perfectly packed and arrived in beautiful condition - will definitely order from you again.
Adrienne Patrick (9/4/21)

My order arrived yesterday and the quality of the the goods are very high making it well worth the wait thanking you.
Maureen Mitchell (31/3/21)

I am very happy with the way my fruit trees were packaged and am looking forward to planting them. I will certainly order from you in the future.
Lyn Evans (24/3/21)

I have received the step over trees today they look fabulous.
Stephanie Fisher (24/3/21)

Beautiful big healthy trees arrived today, thanks!
Lorraine Ishak (23/3/21)

Just a very quick message to say thank you for getting a Fig tree over to my mum in Nottinghamshire in time for Mother's Day, despite already having a waiting list. It arrived today and she's thrilled with it. She says it's lovely and healthy. I'll certainly use you again. Many thanks.
Sarah Jones (11/3/21)

Just a short note to advise that the replacement canes have been delivered and promptly took up residence in my fruit cage. Furthermore I would like to express my thanks for the considerate and professional way you dealt with my issue. I would have no problems in recommending your service to any other gardeners.
Steve Morns (10/3/21)

Hi Pomona fruits, I recently ordered some cordon fruit trees. They have arrived and I am delighted with them. THANK YOU! They are bigger than I was expecting and arrived in good condition. I have recommended you to my family and I hope to order from you again. My neigbours have also commented on how nice they look
Catriona Lodge (7/3/21)

Good afternoon. Following on from my message this morning the plants have just arrived. Very pleased with the quality of them. Thank you.
Judith Cook (5/3/21)

The bare root fruit trees ordered have just arrived and are now in the ground  They were very well packaged (although with the inevitable plastic) and look in excellent condition. Thank you.
Dr James Palmer (25/2/21)

Thank you for all your help. I have received my parcel successfully and am thrilled with all my plants. Thank you once again for your help. With very best wishes.
Grainne Swann (25/2/21)

Thank you so much for great service and an amazing trees. Thanks for your help.
Iwona Malan (10/2/21)

I just wanted to say how thrilled my friend was with her fig tree.  She was surprised at the size and is looking forward to putting it in her garden.
Jane Spencer-Nairn (6/2/21)

I have taken delivery of a plum tree ordered, and wish to tell you how pleased I am with it. The tree is large and in good condition, and looks healthy. Lovely to receive growing guide too. It was received on the promised date, so no problem with delivery either.
Anita OHara (20/1/21)


Thank you for the replacement plants which were delivered yesterday and for keeping me informed throughout. We are delighted with your very good service.
Marilyn Lannigan (10/1/21)


My Peach avalon pride tree arrived today and it is looking in great condition thank you.
Karen Bebbington (8/1/21)


I was really pleased to receive my Ruby Beauty raspberry plant, it arrived before Christmas which was perfect - I know you were very busy so thank you for managing to get the order out in time.
Julie Watkinson (6/1/21)

Thank you for the trees, which arrived, very well packed, in time for Christmas. They are 3 nice young trees.
Tricia and John Sharp (26/12/20)

Hello. Just a quick e-mail to say a big thank you for my order of the step over conference pear I bought for my daughter. She is so thrilled with it that she straight away ordered a step over apple tree from you. Thank you again. Hope you all have a good Christmas and please take care and be safe.
Trish Agar (24/12/20)

Thank you the parcel arrived perfectly and I shall get on planting and thank you for the helpful booklet that came with everything. Hope Christmas rush is slackening and you can sit back and have a rest and a Happy Christmas to all of you.
Andrew Smith (24/12/20)

Hello, My Peach Tree arrived today. Delighted.
Nuzhat Jabinh (9/12/20)

Thank you for our fruit tree delivery which arrived this  morning. They look great so hopefully we’ll have a crop next year.
Jean Fleming (3/12/20)

My patio quince has just arrived! And it is lovley! So pleased. Many thanks
Gill Mead (3/12/20)

The Rhubarb crowns arrived today in good condition. Thank you.
John Le Marinel (2/12/20)

I am just emailing to say that my order arrived yesterday. A cordon cherry and it’s a beauty. Many thanks to Flori who picked my order and who, I am sure, is a beauty too!Thanks again and very best wishes.
Vicky Sharman (26/11/20)

My recent order of strawberry plants arrived a couple of days ago and I just wanted to say thank you for such lovely, strong plants. They are in their final positions on my allotment and looking good. Thank you very much. I am impressed.
Roger Flack (3/11/20)

Hi There  - Thanks for the plants. Just to give you some feedback – plants arrived well packed and in good condition. Initially thought they were a bit small on comparison to another sellers plants, in the same size pots, that were twice the size (they had varieties that you didn’t, that I wanted). However, after planting them on my welsh hillside a couple of weeks ago, the leaves on the lush plants turned red or fell off, whilst your lovely little plants have put on an inch of growth and look fine. It’s not what a plant looks like, but how it grows here that is important – guess who I’ll be buying more plants from in future. Top marks for quality.
Rob Usher (8/8/20)

This is to say a very big thank you for the replacement quince that arrived today. I will now give that to my friend as a replacement for his birthday present. The goodwill Pomona has shown in dealing with this has been very gracious and will be warmly remembered. I will make sure my gardening friends hear all about it.
Jane Ritchie (4/8/20)

I thought you might like to know how the Invicta Standard Gooseberry has performed in its first year. It has surpassed my wildest expectations!!  An excellent crop of good size berries. I did not thin the crop and there was almost no natural fruit fall by the bush, so all the berries grew to a good size. I would recommend a standard bush as they produce fruit that is easy to pick and easy to net over against birds. An added bonus that I hadn’t thought of is you have more space and therefore you can grow other small produce underneath the standard.
Ray Barrett (2/8/20)

A couple of years ago I purchased several maiden apple trees from you. All are doing fantastically well, due in some part by your most helpful aftersales help. Attached are a couple of pics of my ‘Fiesta’, of which I’m very proud and would wish to share with you.
David Knapper (31/7/20)

I would just like to say thankyou for quality of the plum tree that I received last week. It had been well packaged, the courier company had looked after it, and the tree itself is extremely healthy. It is clear someone has taken a great deal of care with it. Thankyou again.
Andrew Simpson(25/7/20)

Blueberry plants received in good condition already planted thanks again for good plants and service.
George Little (25/7/20)

These asparagus plants were soaked briefly as directed and planted the day they arrived, and ALL Twelve 12 have grown. In fact, by now, seven of the plants have a second spear. I am delighted.
John Taylor (17/7/20)

Really appreciate the excellent customer service and look forward to some lovely raspberries next year!
Peter Alexander (6/7/20)

Theresa,Thank you so much. Your work, and above all communication with me, were excellent in this ghastly Covid-world. Arrived Tuesday, and now all are safe. Asparagus saved, even if I lost a couple to sweet-peas to these ghastly slugs. All 12 of the Pomona Asparagus Crowns have grown too; they looked very good quality roots. As ever in appreciation of your kindness and thoughtfulness.
Robin Touqyet (5/7/20)

Just thought I’d let you know how pleased I am with these two trees you supplied. The Peach ‘Avalon’ has not had even a touch of leaf curl in the four years it has been there and the apricot has done really well since the replacement of the one that the graft failed on. Had excellent fruit last year on the peach and have high hopes for the apricot next year. Incidentally, the Joan raspberries which you supplied have given a good early crop on the old canes (see trial by ‘Gardening Which?’) and I’ll soon be cutting out these old canes ready for the Autumn crop which has been excellent in previous two years.
Paul Ingleton (28/6/20)

We received the Cherry trees and Grape vine today, In very good condition and none the worse for there journey. Very Good Quality trees and Vine. Thank You Very Much for a Great Service and Quality plants. We will be in touch again for other products.
Ian Stanford (25/6/20)

Dear Good People at Pomona Fruits, I trust you are staying safe and keeping well. The Malling Opal and Malwina strawberry plants I purchased from you are doing magnificently! Huge thanks for supplying such high quality plants.
John Baker (16/6/20)

I received my plants today. Thank you so much. It was a lovely surprise. I will have no hesitation recommending your company.
Wanda Bentley (15/6/20)

Strawberry plants arrived today and delighted with the quality and service. Will certainly recommend you.
Bob Hares - Retired professional gardener and nurseryman (11/6/20)

Thank you so much for sorting out replacements, it is greatly appreciated. We are so impressed with Pomona fruits, and will not hesitate to continue using you for any future fruit trees or recommending you to friends and family.
Claire Warren (8/6/20)

Thank you for the 12 Gijnlim crowns you sent.  I know I was late ordering and planting (May 15th) but 10 are up and thriving on my new allotment and I'm sure the other two will come soon.  Will order another variety for later  ... just have to wait two years.  Very pleased indeed.
Jay Andrews (6/6/20)  

Thank you very much for all your help. Best customer service ever!
Claire Hopkins (6/6/20)

Thank you for your prompt delivery I am very impressed with both service and fig tree
Jennifer Fletcher (5/6/20)

Spring Potted Raspberries arrived yesterday afternoon! Wow...they are bigger than I was expecting!  I have already potted them up in to big pots as I haven't sorted a plot for them yet. Yes, I will order more as there are 2 varieties now listed that I don't have. Thanks so much.
Fiona Davies (4/6/20)

Further to my email of this morning, your delivery arrived at lunchtime and the raspberry plants look to be in excellent condition. Thank you very much.
Cynthia Westney (3/6/30)

Hi Claire. Thanks for all your advice over the phone and I'm very grateful for the replacement plants. As I said I wasn't expecting that so I'm very impressed with your service and will happily recommend Pomona to all my food growing friends.
Denise Chester (31/5/20)

I've just received the Blueberry today and wanted to say how delighted I am with it. It has arrived in excellent condition, very well packed, a very healthy looking plant.
Chris Thomas (29/5/20)

A very big thank you. My fig and vine have just arrived. The plants are for a Fortieth birthday next week so I’m immensely grateful for Claire’s help getting them here on time.
Gillian Hickling (28/5/20)

Than you VERY much for despatching the patio quince so expeditiously, a week ahead of time, and in time for my wife’s actual birthday.
Aubrey Nunes (22/5/20)

Hi Pomana yes trees have arrived ... all in the ground and looking happy... our Labrador Edd is keeping guard.... Thank you the trees are in beautiful condition here’s to our new orchard.
Bonnie Randall (20/5/20)

Order gratefully received today. Superb condition.
Steve Lewis (15/5/20)

Good morning. I'd just like to say thank you so much for my delivery. I am delighted with my two plants. The delivery was surprisingly swift, given present times, the plants were well packed, soil moist, leaves healthy and even some young fruit on my gooseberry bush. Many thanks, will definitely be recommending your company.
Audrey Arnold (14/5/20)

Thank you. The asparagus crowns are now planted in our allotment. Great customer service, will be definitely ordering again from you.
George Stephens (10/5/20)

I should like to give 5 stars and state that  we were delighted with the condition of the fruit tress. They were well packed to keep in the moisture and looked extremely healthy.   If this is their normal standard then I have no hesitation in recommending them.
Enid Rookes (9/5/20)

Just a message of thank you for the prompt service in regard to my purchase of a trug from you. It was delivered yesterday and is now awaiting planting. Vry many thanks.
Clive McGregor (9/5/20)

I want to share with you my excitement with my Walnut tee Europa that I ordered last December from you which arrived in January 2020. It is growing in a decent size pot and in mid March I put it in the greenhouse as it was not showing signs of coming out of dormancy. Low and behold, six weeks later we have the new growth but more importantly what I think might be 'fruit' or whatever it is called on a Walnut. Thank you.
Denis Neill (9/5/20)

Hi, I received my 'Black Hamburg' grape today and I so pleased with it. Lovely plant and even a bunch of grapes on it! I will look at buying some fruit trees from you in the Autumn. Many thanks.
Chris Page (8/5/20)

My Muscat Bleu grape vine has just arrived and i thought I'd let you know that I'm delighted with it! It's a beautiful healthy plant, it was very well packed and it arrived more quickly than expected. Thank you!
Robert Baxter (7/5/20)

On Tuesday, my order of: Peach (Avalon Pride), Fig (Goutte D'Or) & Japanese plum (Lizzie) arrived. I was amazed at the health, vigour and overall quality of these young fruit trees. Thank you so much. I have ordered from other nurseries, before, but not been as pleased as I was when my partner called me over to look at the trees. We planted them all yesterday. The plum tree in particular looks absolutely beautiful. They are a joy to look at and make me smile whenever I'm in the garden or see them from the window. I wish I'd ordered from you years ago!
Selina Mitra (7/5/20)

Following my email this afternoon the blackcurrant bushes arrived this evening. Thank you, they look great.
Frances Collacott (4/5/20)

Just to let you know the tree arrived this afternoon in good condition, many thanks.
Alex Skene (28/4/20)

Hi all at Pomona. Thank you for the efficient delivery of my raspberry canes, which again are excellent quality plants. It really is impressive in the current climate. Wishing all the Team there stay safe and well.
Elizabeth Chew (21/4/20)

Thanks so much for my Nashi Pear excellent condition and packaging.
Robert Bell (18/4/20)

My stepover pear Comice has just arrived and I am so delighted with it I thought I would write to you. It is a beautiful plant and is budding nicely and obviously VERY healthy. I have tied the two shoots down quite gently and will pull these further down every three weeks or so as you suggest. I also have a Black Mulberry tree which I purchased from you in 2016 and it is doing really well. I am so happy and enjoyed planting it very much. In these dismal times it really gave me a lift.
Drisc Wardle (3/4/20)

I just wanted to say thank you for sending the tree; it arrived safely just now and it's perfect. Many thanks - I am looking forward to planting it. I have my eye on the quince tree next!
Helen Pimlott (2/4/20)

Just wanted to say that my bare root quince, planted only a few months ago is doing beautifully and looking very healthy and happy. Many thanks.
Jeff Jones (31/3/20)

Many thanks for replying so quickly, especially in these unsettled (understatement!) times. The fig and grape arrived in excellent condition, very well packaged. Thanks and be safe.
Sue Stringer (26/3/20)

Just to say Thankyou. My goods that I received are fantastic. I have always Used you for given gifts to family and friends but decided to order for myself. The packaging was high quality and the articles that arrived were in perfect condition. I now have to plant everything!I hope that during this time of isolation, you get lots more support and orders. What a great time to get your garden in perfect order for the coming months.
Lynda Yong (26/3/20)

Just thought I would write to say u received my order yesterday, all in very good condition and have planted today. Was a pleasure to order from you having tried another company for around 3 months with no success. Thanks again.
Richard Torode (14/3/20)

The pear tree arrive safe I’m very pleased with it looks very healthy. Thank you.
Jeannette Thompson (3/5/20)

Further to absolutely everything, I am delighted to advise that my order has been received complete, earlier than expected and in tip-top condition; many thanks to all involved. With kind regards.
James W Bell (12/3/20)

Thank you Theresa! I have really appreciated your help and that of Ming too. Just brilliant service.
Anne (22/1/20)

Just letting you know that my currant and gooseberry bushes and rhubarb crowns reached me in good condition. They are all snug in the fruit cage as it was a perfect day for planting. Thank you for your excellent service and best wishes for a thriving and prosperous 2020.
Averill Hardman (22/12/19)

I just wanted to say thank you for sorting the order, and I have received and planted everything. The trees, raspberries and hedging all look good and healthy, the packaging was excellent, and I think the telescopic supports are very good indeed! I was impressed by their design and the ties are nice and solid and they were very easy to install. The instructions and planting guides also very good and I will definitely recommend you to other allotment holders and friends.
Fiona Wallin (18/12/19)

Thank you for my order which arrived on Thursday last. The trees were well packaged and of top quality with very good root systems. The plant of Malus Laura was larger than expected and as this was for my niece she was delighted with it.
Derek Cox (14/12/19)

Hi Pomona, Before I forget, Thank you for your wonderful service, I received the tree on Thursday.
Tanjel Shah (14/12/19)

Thank you so much for dealing with our issues following purchase of a cordon Concorde pear from you in January this year. The replacement has arrived and we much appreciate your customer service and response ... Kind regards and best wishes for the festive season and new year.
Helen Watkins (23/11/19)

I received my strawberry order yesterday and well pleased with the condition of the plants. I ordered 6 and three have runners, so a real bonus. Thanks Pomona Fruits, I will be back.
Brian Chandler (27/9/19)

I received my strawberry plants yesterday and planted them today. I am very happy with the plants. Thank you
Alan Boswell (4/9/19)

Received my strawberry plants this morning. They look absolutely fine. I am thrilled..will follow instructions carefully. Many thanks.
Geneviève Lipietz (15/4/19)

Asparagus just arrived and plants look really heathy so just wanted to say thank you. Will certainly recommend Pomona to friends.
Tracy Bishton (18/4/19)

The apple trees were of a very good quality and size - Ill buy from you only from now on.
Baiba Jaunlinina (16/4/19)

Just a quick note to say the strawberry plants arrived yesterday (Monday) and I am well pleased with the quality of the plants.
Jim Shanks (2/4/19)

Just a quick email to say thankyou so much for quick delivery of the pair tree for mothers day my mom was so happy with it she cant wait to put it with her other fruit trees in garden.
Tania Bradbury (2/4/19)

Received asparagus crowns this morning safe and sound. Really very impressed with the quality of the plants.  I have compared them with the ones in our local garden centre,  no comparison on quality or price. So pleased that ours came from you! Thank you so much.
andra Fenn (29/3/19)

I placed an order just over a week ago whilst your promotion was still on and requested that the delivery be delayed until this week as I was away last week. The tree arrived today and I just wanted to say thank you for being flexible and handling my delivery request - it was much appreciated. Much kudos to your customer service folk!
Damien Hampton (27/3/19)

I have a close friend seriously considering planting a mixed orchard, I have so pleased with your service I have recommended you.
S. Butler (23/3/19)

My consignment of fruit bushes arrived safely. Plants were carefully packed and in very good condition. So glad growing instructions were included! Thank you so much.
Averill Hardman (20/3/19)

Thank you for delivering replacement plants of strawberry Manille which I originally purchased last year. I am happy to report that they have arrived in good condition and are already producing healthy new leaves. On most occasions customers only take time to complain, so I thought I would let you know that you are doing a great job and you handled my issue professionally. For that reason I would not only recommend your company but also will purchase plants from you in the future.
Margaret Howard (20/3/19)

The Mara des Bois arrived quite a few days ago now and they are settling in nicely. Very pleased with them and now must just wait for some lovely fruits in due course!
Helen Swyer (16/3/19)

Many thanks for your excellent service.
Lorna Bingham-Walker (14/3/19)

Thank you for the replacement plants of Cascade Delight which have just arrived. I am impressed with your service and commitment to customer care. Thank you so much.
Pauline Willgoose (4/3/19)

Absolutely delighted with my kiwi berry vine. it is a substantial plant, well pruned and in excellent condition. Well packaged so no damage in transit. Thank you.
Linda Richardson (1/12/19)

Dear Barry, my order was received by our friend just before Christmas as hoped for .....it was much appreciated so a big thank you to you and your team.
Steve Abbotts (28/12/18)

I just wanted to say thank you very much for kindly sending my replacement tree. The original completely died in summer, and you have been very kind to honour your promise. Wishing you always Happy Pickings.
Graham Parker (10/12/18)

Hello. Received the roses this morning. Sturdy bushes. Planted today. Thank you.
J Mair (04/12/18)

Just a quick email to thank you very much for sending the replacement ‘Cordon Apple Falstaff’. Having spoken to you in the summer it shows excellent customer service, and I cannot thank you enough.
Mrs Angela Wright (30/11/18)

Many thanks. Plants arrived safely and in good condition yesterday afternoon, planted this morning. Looking forward to some good fruit this year!
Katharine Norris (30/11/18)

Last two batches of plants arrived. Excellent quality throughout. Thank you.
J. Gillam (16/11/18)

I thought it was only right that I should contact you as I am delighted with the quality of plants received. They exceeded my expectations. Well done. I will certainly recommend you and no doubt buy more plants from you in the future.
Chris Manning (27/9/18)

What a superb company, customer service 1st class – as always.
Ray Barrett (30/7/18)

I ust want to thank you for the replacement Sibley Tomcot tree which looks healthy and happy.This was handled very pleasantly and efficiently by your team.
Ron Stern (7/7/18)

Fantastic quality plant dispatched in excellent packaging. Pomona show all the signs of being top-notch growers who really care about their customers. I'm about to order more plants - strawberries this time.
Mrs Christine Williams (26/6/18)

I am very pleased with the 6 raspberry plants I received today.  They are very healthy looking plants which I have planted in my garden. I bought 2 grapevines 3 years ago from Pomona Fruits and they have produced grapes this year for the first time.  They are very healthy vines and I am looking forward to tasting them when they are ripe.  I have just ordered 18 strawberry plants and another grape vine.
Christine Stephen (22/6/18)

If I was asked to write what sort of reply I would liked to have received from Pomona I would have written the email you have sent me. I purposely never mentioned anything about a refund or replacement to see what you would come up with, and that is a very satisfactory reply, it’s not about the money, I wanted my grape to live but that’s nature for you, so very good if you to offer replacement and thanks for pointing out my lack of weeding tehe! I’m very pleased with your response which means your Customer Service is excellent in my view. Many thanks again for a great response.
Nigel Luke (7/6/18)

Hi just wanted to let you know my order was delivered safely today. I am very happy with my order & the trees look very healthy. Will not hesitate to buy from you again.
Donald Mackinnon (9/5/18)

Many thanks for the blueberry received today. I have opened it and it looks perfect. I very much appreciate all you have done and look forward to ordering more fruit trees/bushes in the future.
Amanda Edwards (3/5/18)

Thank you for all your help and for arranging for a replacement tree. I am very impressed with your customer service.
Brian Thompson (28/4/18)

Just a note to say that the fruit trees I bought from you last year are flowering well and extremely healthy too.
Ruth Gay (24/4/18)

Thank you for your excellent customer service I’m sure I’ll be dealing with you again in the future.
Andrew Morgan (19/3/18)

Thanks for the brilliant customer service.
Mrs MJ Barley (5/3/18)

I would like to thank you again for your help and to tell you that all the fruit trees that I have bought from you are thriving.
Robin Erskine (26/2/18)

I placed an order last week and explained that it was urgent as the patio almond tree was going to be a present. Our parcel was delivered on Saturday morning and I'd just like to say thank you for your prompt and efficient service. We are very pleased with the plants too!
Christine McNeir (26/2/18)

Thank you for excellent trees very well packed.
Sylvia Roberts (23/2/18)

WOW. I ordered bare root fruit trees and raspberry canes from you. They'd been lifted properly with all the fibres attached and someone took a lot of care to protect them by packing them carefully.  This was a surprise, as I order a lot of bare root plants from reputable suppliers and they are always a disappointment, with loose packing and damaged roots. Well done!
MJ Barley (14/2/18)

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Cordon Apple Tree 'Lord Derby', I ordered from you in November. It arrived in perfect condition and in time to give to my Sister for Christmas. She was delighted with it and is now planted in a large container. It will suit her small garden very well and will get all the care and attention needed for a special, compact tree. Your planting and growing instructions that came with it were very helpful. We are all looking forward to yummy apple pies in a year or two. Thank you again and may I wish everyone at Pomona Fruits a very Happy and Fruity New Year.
Rhoda Robertson (11/1/18)

The family apple tree that I ordered for my brother as a Christmas gift arrived at his home near Eye, in Suffolk, on Christmas Eve and he is delighted! Thank you very much. I am so pleased.
Diane Clifford (29/12/17)

Thank you so very much for the beautiful Robijn Almond tree that you sent out last week to Mr Thompson. It is a very good looking tree, that will, I am sure flourish in his garden.
Suzzie Godfrey (21/12/17)

I have just taken delivery of my Lord Derby step over Apple tree. I am most impressed by the apparent health and condition of the tree. Thank you.
Jane Macbeth (19/12/17)

Thank you so much for your rapid reply and for sending me replacement canes after Christmas. I am very grateful for your extremely good service.
Elizabeth Tingley (8/12/17)

We have been more than happy with the harvest we obtained this year, from a cordon Kordia cherry tree and 'step-over' Falstaff apple tree we purchased a year ago, for which - many thanks!!
Dot Kaines (4/12/17)

I am impressed with your customer care and response to messages.
John Woodroffe (27/11/17)

We bought a Christmas Pippin tree from you a year ago and we want you to know how delighted we are. We had 8 of the most delicious apples that we have ever tasted.! We cut them in half and had half each to make them last longer.! We wanted to review it and award both it and your service 5 stars but failed with that.
Mrs C Wills (23/11/17)

Wanted to put feedback for the 2 Blackberry plants, which arrived in excellent packaging, no damage and the plants, were of the highest quality, (which I expect from you as a customer of several years). Several canes on each plant, still with their leaves on and the roots system was also excellent. They have been put in their final position and will be looking forward to the fruits. Thank you team.
Mrs R Adams (11/11/17)

I planted just 9 Joan J plants purchased from you in 2015. In this their 2nd year of fruiting we have picked just under 50 pounds of fruit--fantastic
Martyn Curtler (11/10/17)

Thank you so much for the replacement blackberry, I have planted it this afternoon- what an impressive response from Pomona!
Karen North (6/10/17)

Many thanks Teresa for your reply. I have been very impressed with both Pomona’s sales and after-sales responses.
Ian Howell (13/9/17)

Thank you so much Theresa. You are always so helpful.
Lynne Napier (13/9/17)

Thank you, my plants arrived yesterday and look wonderful!
Rebecca Ingram (10/8/17)

I have previously been impressed with the quality of produce and the service provided by Pomona Fruits, having purchased several items over the past five or six years. However, in relation to the problems that I have experienced with my 'Buddy' Strawberry plants, and the three Joan J Raspberry plants this season, the response from Pomona Fruits has been beyond excellent. I have always recommended Pomona Fruits to my allotment colleagues, but having experienced such a high level of service will be actively promoting your products and services. Thank you once again for your help and kindness.
Graham Payne (2/7/17)

Many, many thanks for the replacement plants received on my return from holiday.
They have now been planted in accordance with instructions and will be cared for as suggested by you. With service like this how could I even consider buying plants from another supplier in the future? Thanks again.
Doug Hollingworth (30/6/17)

Just to say a big thank you for your generous help and advice on caring for this young tree.  It is so good for novices like me to feel we can come to you and receive a kind and friendly response.  I will try not to do so too often!  Please pass my special thanks to Ming Yang for his phone call and for taking the trouble to send the picture - really clear and helpful.
Elizabeth Steward (30/6/17)

Imagine my delight when I got home from work today to find your package with another blueberry bush. Thank you very much indeed -great customer service. Will certainly recommend you to my fellow gardeners.
Bridget Knight (29/6/17)

Just a note to say thank you for the two grape vines which I have received today. Good condition and well packed. Once again thank you.
Ben Dodd (29/6/17)

Just a quick note to say the plants took really quickly with lots of vigor.  Thank you.
Garrett Swain (30/5/17)

Great service and as I said, I'm really pleased with everything I ordered and I'll definitely be using Pomona in future.
Karen Knowles (20/5/17)

Thank you for the replacement strawberry plants received today. I was a little disappointed that three of the original order did not grow however there was no quibble over providing replacements. Superb customer service. When I require further fruit plants I will definitely come to you first.
Christopher Day (18/5/17)

Thank you for the excellent service.
Valerie Webster (10/5/17)

This is to say many thanks for the prompt replacement of the pear tree I ordered. The original order was for a pear and apple family tree, the apple is a lovely specimen, but the pear was not as good as the apple.  When contacted via e-mail, you dealt with my query promptly, and sent a replacement pear tree straight away, so again many thanks for sorting out my problem so efficiently.  
Mrs Madeleine McBain (2/5/17)

You have exceeded what is regarded as good customer service and I would not hesitate to purchase from you in the future.
Trevor Sharples (30/4/17)

With regards to my above order of Asparagus crowns, I would like to thank you for your prompt delivery and the plants look very healthy. They were in the ground and watered an hour and a half after delivery. Thank you very much.
William Carnell (8/4/17)

Plants arrived this afternoon, they look very healthy, thanks again.
Iain Ross (28/3/17)

Thank you. Our tree and bush have arrived safe and sound.  They are now planned, looking really healthy and happy.  We are really pleased with quality of them. Thank you once again
Susan Fielding (19/3/17)

My pear tree has just been delivered. It is in excellent condition and has survived its journey with no apparent traumas.  It is a gift for a friend who is absolutely thrilled with her 'Easter egg'. Thank you so very much for your brilliant service.
Mrs D Bratton (17/3/17)

Lovely strawberry plants arrived this morning, the instructions were the best I have had.
Jean Chivers (11/3/17)

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for getting the order to us in time for my husband’s birthday!! He is thrilled!!
Jackie Chambers (23/2/17)

Our trees arrived today and they look great, thank you so much.
Michala Bradshaw (14/2/17)

My order arrived last night and is now potted up as ground not ready. Plants very nice and looking very happy thank you.
Imogen Vance (7/1/17)

Just a thank you for delivering the 6 cordon apple trees on a Friday. Being at work it was perfect to plant them at the weekend. They were in perfect condition with a good root system. Thank you once again.
Mr D.R. Partridge (21/12/16)

Replacement plants have arrived. We very much appreciate this level of service thank you very much.
P R Durward (5/12/16)

Just a note to say thanks for the replacement plum tree that I received today. I've planted it on the allotment along with the ones you previously supplied. Your excellent customer care is very much appreciated.
Jon Rogers (27/11/16)

Plants arrived yesterday in good condition, managed to plant all this afternoon.
George Little (24/11/16)

Very impressed with delivery of cherry tree that had failed to grow last year. Many thanks
Diana Mills (24/11/16)

Hi Claire, plants came this morning and are now planted down the allotment, they are fine looking plants, many thanks.
Betty Boud (27/10/16)

My hardy kiwi Issai arrived today in perfect condition. I’m absolutely delighted. I shall be out digging a nice large hole tomorrow (weather permitting!)
Mandie Gray (13/10/16)

Just a little letter to say a very big thank you for all the lovely plants you’ve supplied to me this season. I’ve ordered again as I do so enjoy watching the plants grow daily, and to sit out on an evening watching the sun shine disappear for another day. Thank you once again.
Bruce B Scott (25/7/16)

Thank you very much for my order received very quickly and well packed THE plum tree is a well branched large tree 5 stars all round. I am a very happy customer again.
George Slaney (10/3/16)

I would just like to thank you so much - the tree arrived today. I will certainly be using you again.
Adrian Williams (5/3/16)

I would just like to say I am so very pleased with the quality of your plants. They are first class. I wish I had ordered from you before. They also come well packaged. Thank you.
Anne Winter (22/2/2016)

Very pleased with the stepover trees just received. Thank you.
Mr M Middleton (22/2/16)

Just to say that the parcel arrived in good condition yesterday afternoon. Thank you
Anthea Rowlerson (12/2/2016)

Just received the three vines I ordered. This note is to thank you for your help in this matter. Very good service.
Mike Higgins (10/2/2016)

Thank you so much for replying to my request for info about staking cordon trees in pots. Your company is great to buy from and the help given is a credit to you all.
David cook (8/2/2016)

Thank you for the fruit trees, which were received promptly and in very good order and planted with a prayer.
Geoffrey Nightingale (24/1/16)

Excellent customer service, as always from Pomona Fruits!
Mr Dennis Gunning (10/1/16)

I have just ordered a mini-apricot tree. I have been longing for one for a while but it was the success of my order to you of a damson tree for my brother in law which was delivered recently to him in Theale, Reading which has spurred me on to make my own order. Thank you for being so helpful with the Damson tree! I look forward to receiving the Apricot tree sometime soon.
Jasmine Simeone (23/12/15)

Just to say thanks for the safe delivery of this order a few days ago - fantastic looking plants and beautifully packed. A huge contrast to my experience a couple of years ago with Chris Bowers - plants badly packed and mostly unlabelled.
John Woodman (16/12/15)

Great service.
Alan Tullett (9/12/15)

Many thanks for the replacement plum tree, which arrived this morning. It's good to know there are still firms who take customer service seriously.
Alan Bryann (13/11/15)

I have recently taken delivery of the Elegance Strawberry plants ordered from yourselves. I am delighted with both the quality and the vigour of the received plants. I potted them on receipt (8 days ago) and have been astounded at the uniformity and rate of recovery. Thank you.
Mr D.W.Partridge (9/11/15)

I are writing to acknowledge with thanks for my Strawberry Plants safely received and would advise that they been planted today.  May I thank you for your prompt delivery and for such plants in good condition. Also, thank you for the cultural instructions which are very clear and precise. I will have no hesitation in contacting you again when I require further plants and/or fruit trees.
David Woodage (31/10/15)

I would like to say congratulations on your customer service.  It has been a pleasure to do business with you and I look forward to placing some more orders.  My neighbours are watching the plants to see how they do.
Kate Evans (21/10/15)

Thank you for your response, and the really good service approach you have taken – turned a disappointment into a positive - it’s really appreciated.
Peter Foster (15/10/15)

Earlier in the year I ordered an asparagus collection from you. I wanted to say how pleased I am with the way it has taken and grown. I'm expecting that I will be able to pick spears next year. Many thanks.
Philip Holroyd (15/09/15)

Dear Pomona, It is very unusual for me to ever write positively to suppliers but I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with my Bardsey apple you supplied in March. Though we live in Lincolnshire we have a holiday home near the seafront at Aberystwyth and it was here that the Bardsey and Red Windsor were planted. Having been advised by West Wales garden centres that fruit trees would fail at our Aberystwyth location, I was most excited to find your catalogue and subsequently speak with your staff on the phone about the Bardsey history. Not only is the tree growing well but we have just picked 4 apples in its first season. Not enormous but good to eat! Certainly putting to rest the advice that no apples would survive or fruit. Thank you so much for your help and advice with this
R. David Dean (14/09/15)

All received in excellent condition thank you and now potted up. They really are super plants and I hope for super crops to the amazement of my other Allotmenteers on the Bucklesham allotments.
Ruffy Ruffles (10/09/15)

Many thanks for your great service.
Mike Monks (2/09/15)

I must say that it is a pleasure dealing with you and will highly recommend you to all my friends. Your stock is quality and service exceptional.
Mrs.D Godbold (2/09/15)

Just to say how impressed I am with the misted-tip strawberry plants which arrived this morning, and the efficiency of your service. All the plants look wonderfully healthy and are clearly labelled - I had an awful experience a couple of years ago with another UK supplier where the strawberries were inadequately labelled, and summer and autumn-fruiting raspberry canes were hopelessly mixed up. Expect another order very soon!
John Woodman (26/8/15)

I ordered several different cordon fruit trees in Autumn 2013, including a damson although I wasn't too hopeful that a would get more than a handful of fruit.  Yesterday I picked 103 damsons, exactly 1 and a half pounds, which are in the jam pan as I write.  Many thanks for an excellent result.  The other two cordon apple trees have fruited well too although the step-over apple suffered from deer attack last summer.  It has recovered well and is looking very healthy but fruitless this Autumn.
Sian Tanner (26/8/15)

Good afternoon, Just to confirm safe delivery of the 18 Malling Centenary Strawberry plants today in excellent condition. I now know what 'Misted Tips' are. If I cannot grow these successfully, I should give up trying. Many thanks for your prompt attention to my order, and dispatch of them.
Ronald Evans (20/8/15)

Theresa - many thanks. Fantastic service.
John Woodman (19/8/15)

Hi. Have just taken delivery of my Strawberry plants “Cambridge Favourite ”  Just like to say how I am pleased with them. Hope to do more business with you in the future.
Percy Hood (21/7/15)

A long overdue testimonial on how great Pomona has been! Bought a greengage, peach, cherry & Alpine strawberries - all are doing well 6 months on. Help & attention from the nursery has been immediate & constant, nursing me through my first experience of growing fruit trees. I'll be ordering an apple & blueberry this winter!
Ping Ng (4/7/15)

You may not believe this but we ordered the Raspberry plants late last year, not sure of the date. Well because of illness the plants were lost.  I found then 4 weeks ago in our shed. We planted them and now we have six healthy canes growing well and 2 of them look as if we shall have a few raspberry this year. This only goes to show how well they were packed. Thank you.
Joan Peddlesden (3/06/15)

I can confirm my order has arrived. It was delivered by post just several hours after I sent my e-mail. Excellent service
Keith Palmer (22/5/15)

All arrived safe and sound. Thank you.
Sharon Louise (18/5/15)

Replacements plants received and planted (in a different location), and all seem to have taken. Really appreciate all your efforts, many thanks.
Jacky Sargent (14/5/15)

I ordered an item at short notice for a special occasion and asked if it could be sent earlier than the normal 28 days. They went out of their way to contact the supplier for me and the item was received early. Fantastic customer service.
Ann Jamieson (24/4/15)

Asparagus crown collection delivered today in excellent condition. We look forward to our first crop next year. Many thanks.
Mrs. A Standing (13/4/15)

Thanks for all your help and advice will be recommending you to all I know!!
Sue Gallacher (7/4/15)

Your company has been excellent for customer satisfaction and effort and I do really appreciate it. These plants/roots now look good and I’m sure you couldn’t have done more. No problem recommending your company to anyone.
Mrs J Dean (2/4/15)

Thank you for the safe delivery of my order, beautifully packed.
Ann Daley (1/4/15)

I recently had reason to contact you with a request for information relative to the feeding of grape vines purchased from you. I would like to thank you for the most professional way in which my request was responded to that was in keeping with my original contact with your company. Thank you once again.
David Bradley (9/3/15)

Thank you for the information about my order. This is to let you know that the cherry tree arrived as expected, has been planted as planned and is currently thriving.  Thanks again.
Øistein E. Andersen (18/1/15)

Trees arrived today as scheduled. Excellent condition and already planted as per instructions. Thank you.
Hugh Perkins (20/11/14)

Thank you for the prompt despatch of my order - received and planted today!
John Evans (14/11/14)

I bought some strawberry plants from you earlier this year - Honeoye and Mara de Bois. I just wanted to say how wonderful the Mara de Bois are. I am still picking fruit, and in fact about to go up to the polytunnel and pick a bowlful to have after dinner... what a cheery prospect on a miserable autumn evening. I have grown them in growbags, suspended from the crop bars of my polytunnel, and they have cropped heroically and drawn many compliments from people about the flavour. Thanks for introducing me to these great strawberries.
Marie du Quesnay (30/10/14)

Just a line to thank you for sending my items so quickly.
Miho Sawada (20/9/14)

Many thanks for your 'no-hassle' replacement policy.
Carole Henson (28/8/14)

Thanks again for you kind advice and help- its really nice to deal with people who are so knowledgable and caring about the plants they sell.
Merls Depearle (23/8/14)

I was impressed by the two grapes received a few days ago, which is why I am ordering from you again.
Elisabeth Telford (19/8/14)

The cell grown raspberry plants supplied early June are doing very well.
John Grigor (5/8/14)

I am not much used to giving testimonials, but I have been so overwhelmed by the crop of strawberries, from my second year 'Hapil' plants. The quantity, size and quality have been exceptional. Thank you.
Vivienne Dalgliesh (24/6/14)

Thank you for replying so promptly. I look forward to receiving a replacement in the autumn. Excellent customer service. I will be happy to use your business in the future.
Diana Wood (21/6/14)

Strawberry plants came this morning. Beautiful specimens.
Gary Owen (13/6/14)

Hello - can I first say what a pleasure it is to deal with your company.
Susan Hindley (7/6/14)

I have ordered asparagus crowns from you 2 years ago and last year, and am very pleased to report we had our first meal this year!
Mrs Angela Armstrong (29/5/14)

Dear Claire, I am impressed by your professional, courteous and prompt responses to my Emails. Thank You.
Anne Mansfield (12/5/14)

Thank you so much for sending out the asparagus crowns. They arrived this morning whilst I was out and appear to be in fine shape.
Michael & Rosemarie Hart (10/5/14)

I am an elderly Senior Citizen and have only a small garden mainly growing flowers. Last year I decided to try growing strawberries (for the first time) in a planter and planted 3 varieties which I purchased from Pomona Fruits. Regrettably only the top layer survived the winter, despite being well protected from frost – your colleague there said this was probably due to too much water. However, much to my surprise and delight, 12 replacement plants arrived this morning and my planter is now full. I offer my sincere thanks to you for your consideration and attention.
Victor D Jackson (3/5/14)

Thank you for my order for strawberries & a cordon pear - the pear is a lovely shape and I'm looking forward to seeing it grow over my garden arch!  The strawberries are already bursting out - marvellous! Thanks so much for such good stock
Maggie Gunning (24/4/14)

Dear Theresa hello, Just to let you know my order arrived today very well packed indeed etc. thank you!
John Johnston (8/5/14)

Thank you for the replacements they look superb and I have planted them into the asparagus bed.
Tom Gaskell (31/3/14)

Order arrived today in good condition and have now been planted in our plot.
Thanks for your help.
Nigel Mackinnon (31/3/14)

The replacement redcurrant has come through this winter absolutely fine and is full of healthy buds.  I just want to thank you for honouring your promise to replace failed purchases.  I am very pleased.
Alison Guy (28/3/14)

Thank you for the delivery today of my 3 packs of Asparagus crowns. They arrived in excellent order, were good looking plants and are now safely planted following your guidelines. I look forward to them taking over from my existing bed in a couple of years.
Dr M Bichard (27/3/14)

I have today received 6 replacement asparagus plants in leiu of the ones that failed last year, and true to your word you have replaced them, and they look in great condition. Thank you for this excellent service, which is most appreciated.
David R Wallace (26/3/14)

All the plants I have purchased from your company have been superb and doing really well!
Richard Hart (26/3/14)

I have today received my order placed on 6th March. I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful way they were  packaged and the excellent quality of the plants. The courier left the parcel safely in exactly the right place. It has been a joy to do business with you and I know I will be ordering from you in the near future.
Nicky Jones (14/3/14)

Just to say a big "Thank You" for taking the trouble to get the plants to me in time. They are now all potted up and looking perky - so they will survive our absence!
Norma Rink (13/3/14)

Just to confirm that my mom received the strawberry crowns last week so thank you as they look really good plants.
Anita Withers (10/3/14)

Our client just received the apple trees & is very pleased. Thank you for all your help, I'll remember you for future events.
Deanne Guppy, Indoor Garden Design Ltd (28/2/14)

A fine fig plant has arrived today and is planted. Thank you for your care and prompt service !!
Jane Hattersley (20/2/14)

Just to say thank you so much for going the extra mile and sending this in record time.
Adriana Hunter (23/12/13)

Very many thanks.  Order received on planned date and all plants and extras in excellent order.  Very efficient service.
Sian Tanner (23/12/13)

Many thanks for taking the trouble to contact me, I do appreciate it and will be certain to direct further business your way.
Eric Waterhouse (21/12/13)

Thanks, trees have arrived and look good
Keith Noble (19/12/13)

Many thanks Claire - again first class service.
Ruffy Ruffles (16/12/13)

I have just received a delivery of two replacement gooseberry bushes and felt that I must write to you to compliment you on your excellent response to the failure I experienced with part of my original order.  The way in which my two telephone calls were dealt with and the manner in which the problem was resolved are a credit to your company and can only assist in enhancing your reputation. Many thanks from a very satisfied customer.
Trevor Blackburn (15/12/13)

Just to say I received the fig tree yesterday. It was in very good condition and well packaged. Thank you.
Raye Johnson (15/12/13)

Pleased to report that 'Reuben' arrived safely today, many thanks and we look forward to next year's crop!
Eric Waterhouse (14/12/13)

Thanks for the delivery today - excellent quality!
Michael Collen (6/12/13)

Thank you for the cordon plum Czar and cordon damson Shropshire Prune that were the subject of this order – they arrived safely yesterday at just after 6 pm. Today both have been planted in the garden and are looking good. Many thanks.
Anne K. Read (3/12/13)

Hello, I received the plants Saturday noon. My friend put them in the flight that came from Lisbon to Pico Island. They were in perfect condition. Thanks again.
Fabio Silva (25/11/13)

Hi there, thank you for all my plants that are now happily planted in my allotment. Looking forward to next year to eat fresh strawberries and raspberries.
Clare Wratten (2/11/13)

About two years ago I purchased several Joan J raspberry canes from you. You may like to know that these have settled in and are baring plentiful amounts of delicious fruit. I shouldn’t hesitate in recommending your service to gardener friends.
Brian Duke (06/10/13)

May I congratulate Pomona on the results with your Flamenco strawberries. I am still picking them and expect to do so well into October - superb for north Lincolnshire!
Ray Barrett (30/9/13)

Your excellent service was too quick for me. Thank you once again for all customer support I have received, would recommend your company to anyone.
Fiona Godwin (7/9/13)

The 18 bilberry plants have arrived safely and quickly They are charmingly robust and in excellent condition and I had no worries planting out with easy to read instructions.
Jill Tidman (30/8/13)

Just a line to tell you how delighted I have been with the Mara des Bois strawberries. Will definitely have to make room for more next year.
Milly Langton (8/8/13)

We are so pleased with the Roman Goddess of Fruits and Orchards and also with the care and attention we receive whenever we come to you for help and advice - the advice from you yesterday was for raspberries which you did not even supply!!! Amazing. That has to be a standard of service and customer care rarely seen today thank you. As a result of our happiness we are about to order two Blueberries to go alongside the summer and autumn raspberries we purchased from you in 2012 and 2011 both of which are now looking really good in the fruit cage. We wish you every success in the future.
Ruffy Ruffles (30/7/13)

Thank so very much. Customer service was outstanding and I shall return to buy more plants from Pomona Fruits.
Mrs Swinton (30/7/13)

I recently had a collection of French strawberry plants from you. This is to say how very pleased I am with them. They looked good when the postman delivered them and have gone from strength to strength since planting. I expect the hot weather has helped ... but my Mara des Bois are already covered with flowers and tiny fruits. Really please and shall be a regular customer as I build my fruit garden.
Mrs Lynda White (16/7/13)

Thought I would let you know my order is exceeding all expectations. Already fruiting well, but I've never seen so many suckers from what were such small plants.  Next year's canes are already nearly 6 ft high. I would like to know when your Cascade Delight Ellepots will be available again.
K Woodward (13/07/13)

Mara des Bois Strawberries - Thanks for a wonderful fruit the best that we have ever eaten. Nearly every day enough for two. We will be back for more later in the year.
Mrs J V Castle (10/7/13)

Thank you very much for the replacements. It is much appreciated. Any further produce I require for our home garden or my allotment I will choose you first. Thank you for caring.
David Wallance (4/6/13)

Many thanks - the fruit trees arrived on Friday and I planted them out on the weekend. They're very nice, healthy trees and look like they'll be in bud any moment.
Charles Manners (23/4/13)

Thanks for blueberry plants I recently bought from you. I would like to say how well packed they were compared to other firms I have dealt with. Also impressed with the quality of the plants, many thanks and will be ordering again soon.
Judith Timms (23/3/13)

I'd just like to take the opportunity to let you know that my disabled daughter has told me the honeyberry plants I purchased from you, on her behalf, are the best quality, healthy honeyberry plants she has had.  She was well impressed and believe me, she is very difficult to please LOL. Thank you very much.
Jean Park (20/3/13)

The Glen Ample raspberry canes that I ordered from you arrived two weeks ago in excellent condition - many thanks.
Alastair Macdonald (25/2/13)

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived and I was very impressed.
Lovely healthy plants with big root systems and the cherry tree is perfect.
I'll be recommending you to anyone I know wanting to buy plants for fruit in the future. So much better than the garden centre. Many thanks.
Sally Willis (24/2/2013)

Just a brief e-mail to thank you very much indeed for enabling the early delivery of the trees ordered a week or so ago; such exemplary service is very much appreciated.
Roger Pickett (21/2/13)

Thanks very much trees arrived this morning (really early) they look strong plants. Have heeled them in as ground not quite ready. Look forward to spring when they start growing.
Jen Leadbetter (10/1/13)

Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply - excellent service!
Amanda Hughes (20/12/12)

This is my first order with Pomona it will definitely not be my last. The quality and standard of packing was 1st class.The instructions for planting and care are most welcome and helpful.I will pass this on to other allotment holders.
Mr A Fairweather (8/12/12)

Just to say we have received the replacement apple tree this morning. It looks to be a very nice specimen and appears to be in a good healthy condition. So a thank you to all departments concerned and especially Mr. Ming for his help and guidance on the telephone.
Mrs P Morris (28/11/12)

Many thanks for your super service.
Brian Turner (21/11/12)