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Pomegranate Trees

The Pomegranate (Punica granatum) is an ancient fruit, native to Iran and widely grown throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean countries. Whilst they are mostly associated with warmer climates, some varieties of pomegranate are hardy down to -20, so they can be grown successfully in the UK. However, they require a long, hot summer for the fruits to ripen, so have a much greater chance of fruiting if grown in a greenhouse or poly tunnel. Pomegranates should be planted in a sunny, sheltered spot in well drained neutral/alkaline soil. Alternatively they can be grown in containers. Pomegranates are supplied in pots and unless otherwise stated in the product description are available for despatch throughout the year.

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Dwarf Pomegranate Tree 'Nana Gracilissima'New Product
£46.95Dwarf Pomegranate Tree 'Nana Gracilissima'This dwarf pomegranate will look very attractive in a large container on a sunny patio or balcony or planted in a mixed border. It is naturally compact with a rounded growth habit and has been grown as a mini-standard with a clear stem and bushy head. It will grow to around 1m (40in) in 4 years. Bright red flowers are borne from June to September. The fruits, although small, are very tasty to eat and can ripen during the late autumn and early winter in the south of the UK after a hot summer. The small copper coloured leaves turn bright green in the summer and then yellow before falling in the autumn. The tree is very hardy (down to -16℃) and is resistant to drought.Buy Now
Pomegranate Tree 'Provence' (5 litre pot)
£44.95Pomegranate Tree 'Provence' (5 litre pot)This ancient French variety is very hardy (down to -20℃) and the fruits will normally ripen outdoors in the south of the UK. The tree/shrub bears the most attractive red flowers in June and the fruits ripen from November onwards. Pomegranate juice has a sweet-sharp taste and is full of antioxidants and the beautiful red ‘jewels’ are a tasty addition to salads.Buy Now
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