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Tabletop Strawberry Growing

Tabletop systems (growing strawberries off the ground in growbags) have revolutionised commercial strawberry production in recent years, enabling growers to produce heavy crops of top quality fruit in just 60 days!  The advantages of the tabletop system are significant - the plants are easier to pick, there are no weeds, no soil borne diseases, no slugs and no need to straw under the fruit.


Agriframes Strawberry Tabletop
For heavier crops and cleaner fruit!
£114.95 inc. p&p
Agriframes Strawberry Tabletop with SuperCrowns
SAVE £15
£152.85  £137.85
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Growtubes (pack of 2)
Complete growbag watering system!
£13.95 inc. p&p
Speed Feed Growbag Irrigator (pack of 2)
Solve your watering problems!
£19.95 inc. p&p