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Sorbus (Pot Grown Trees)

This genus of about 100 species which includes the Mountain Ash (Rowan) and Whitebeam is one of the most diverse and rewarding of tree groups for the garden. The trees are deciduous and are grown for their creamy white blossom, colourful berries, leaf shape and stunning autumn leaf colours. Sorbus berries (particularly aucuparia) can be used to make delicious jellies (similar to crab apple jelly) and are also an excellent source of food for birds. A collection of Sorbus can attract a wide variety of birds over several months as they will take the red berries first, leaving the other colours until later. The trees are generally small to medium in size and are hardy and easy to grow on most soils. They will tolerate windy coastal conditions and urban pollution. Sorbus trees are approximately 1.2m-1.5m (4-5ft) high on despatch. Pot grown trees are available from May to late August.


Don't forget to include tree stakes and ties on your order. All young trees require staking and for better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).

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Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus 'Joseph Rock' (Pot Grown)Closely related to our British native rowan, this popular variety is renowned for its heavy bunches of small brilliant yellow berries which last well in to the winter before they become a treat for hungry birds. In the spring, the tree is covered in clusters of creamy white flowers that are popular with bees. The pinnate foliage is light/mid green, turning vibrant red, orange and purple in the autumn and setting off the yellow berries beautifully. An outstanding small tree which will tolerate most soils and can be planted in full sun or lightly dappled shade.Buy Now
Sorbus aria 'Lutescens' (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus aria 'Lutescens' (Pot Grown)This very attractive British native tree looks particularly outstanding when the silvery white, downy young leaves emerge in the spring. Clusters of scented white flowers appear in April-May and the elliptical leaves turn grey-green in the summer. The orange-red berries ripen in the autumn and are popular with the birds. The foliage turns russet and gold in the autumn, complementing the brightly coloured berries. Lutescens can be planted in full sun or lightly dappled shade and will grow well in most soils including dry chalky soil.Buy Now
Sorbus aucuparia 'Asplenifolia' (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus aucuparia 'Asplenifolia' (Pot Grown)A beautiful variety of our British native rowan, renowned for its beautiful mid-green fern-like leaves that turn to fiery shades of orange and red in the autumn for a lovely show. Corymbs of tiny white flowers that are very attractive to bees appear April-May and are followed by heavy clusters of orange-red berries in the autumn, which are popular with native birds. The tree is medium sized and has an upright habit. Will do well in a wide range of soils but does best in a well drained acid to neutral soil, in full sun or lightly dappled shade.Buy Now
Sorbus aucuparia 'Sheerwater Seedling' (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus aucuparia 'Sheerwater Seedling' (Pot Grown)This British native has an upright growing habit, making it ideal for restricted spaces. Pretty creamy-white flowers appear in clusters in the spring and are very popular with bees. The attractive mid/dark green pinnate foliage complements the brilliant orange-red berries that hold on the tree well into winter and are a treat for the birds and can be used to make jelly. The foliage turns to fiery shades of orange and red in the autumn. Suitable for acid soils but will also do well in alkaline conditions.Buy Now
Sorbus aucuparia (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus aucuparia (Pot Grown)Native to Britain, the Common Mountain Ash is very distinctive for its large bunches of bright orange-red berries that are a magnet to birds in the autumn and are excellent for making jelly. The sprays of creamy-white flowers that appear in April-May are very attractive to bees. The mid/dark green pinnate foliage turns deep red in the autumn. The tree will grow particularly well in acid soil but will also tolerate alkaline conditions.Buy Now
Sorbus vilmorinii (Pot Grown)
£64.95Sorbus vilmorinii (Pot Grown)Perfect for smaller gardens, this is amongst the smallest of rowans and is full of wow factor. Finely formed fern-like foliage hangs gracefully from arching branches and turns from dark green to vibrant shades of red and purple in the autumn. Large heads of creamy white flowers that are popular with bees emerge in the spring and are followed in the autumn by pendulous clusters of rose-pink berries which adorn the branches until winter, fading through pink to almost white. The tree is tolerant of most soil conditions except shallow chalk and can be planted in full sun or partial shade.Buy Now
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