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If like us you love real food, then you will also know that there is nothing more satisfying than to grow your own fruit and then to eat it straight from the garden - delicious!


At Pomona Fruits we are garden fruit specialists and offer a large selection of quality fruit trees (top fruits), soft fruit bushes (cane, vine & bush fruits) and strawberry plants by mail order!


Featured Products

Sibley's Patio Quince
Ideal for a pot!
Blackberry Bush 'Karaka Black'
Excellent early variety!
Strawberry Plants 'Vibrant' (12 plants)
The premier early variety! (early)
£15.50  £13.95
Save: 10% off
inc. p&p
Hazel Hedging (12 plants)
Delicious nuts!
Malus 'Golden Hornet' (Crab Apple Tree)
Excellent winter colour!
£22.50  £20.25
Save: 10% off
Pink Blueberry Bush 'Pink Sapphire'
Bright pink berries!
£16.50  £14.85
Save: 10% off
Blackcurrant Bush 'Big Ben'
Huge sweet berries!
Raspberry 'Polka' (6 canes)
Giant berries! (autumn)
Sibley's Patio Apricot 'Tomcot'
Ideal for a pot!
Apple Tree 'Rosette'
Beautiful pink flesh!
Plum Tree 'Miraclaude'
Mirabelle x gage cross!