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Raspberry Plants (Cell Grown)

Buy any 2 packs of 3 Cell Grown Raspberries, SAVE £10

The use of quality cell grown raspberry plants to establish commercial fruiting plantations is now a widely accepted technique and is becoming increasingly popular with home gardeners. Raised in 4cm cells, these plants will give reliable establishment in the first season. Due to the way the plants grow in the cell, there is virtually no transplant shock and therefore a much better chance of survival compared with bare root canes. Furthermore, they are planted out during the late spring and early summer when weather conditions are more favourable. Cell grown raspberries are available from mid/late May to late July

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Raspberry 'Cascade Delight' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Cascade Delight' (3 cell grown plants)This impressive new late summer fruiting variety produces heavy crops of exceptionally large fruits with an excellent sweet flavour. Shows good resistance to root rot so more able to cope with wetter soils. The canes are only moderately spiny.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Glen Carron' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Glen Carron' (3 cell grown plants)This new early fruiting, disease resistant variety from the James Hutton Institute in Scotland has been very popular in taste trials. The bright red berries are consistently large and exceptionally sweet with low levels of acidity. They plug effortlessly and are well displayed on spine-free canes making picking much easier. The canes are vigorous and have good resistance to Spur Blight, Cane Botrytis and Raspberry Aphid.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Glen Mor' (3 cell grown plants)New Product
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Glen Mor' (3 cell grown plants)Described as a game-changer, this new early variety has bomb-proof resistance to Raspberry Root Rot so is an ideal choice for wetter soils. The berries are consistently large throughout the season and have a superb, sweet flavour. The berries ripen around 9 days ahead of Glen Ample and cropping is over a 5-6 week period. Yields are heavier than Glen Ample and after a hot summer, the spine-free canes can fruit at the tips in the autumn.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Joan J' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Joan J' (3 cell grown plants)An outstanding new spine-free, autumn fruiting primocane raspberry. Superb flavour and stunning berry size make this variety second to none for picking and eating. The berries are 30% larger than Autumn Bliss and freeze exceptionally well.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Paris' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Paris' (3 cell grown plants)This fabulous new autumn fruiting primocane raspberry produces very large, sweet, juicy berries with an excellent, aromatic flavour. The berry size is one of the biggest we have ever seen - each one weighing on average 5-6.5g. The canes are self-supportive, vigorous and very robust. Disease resistant and very heavy cropping.Buy Now
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