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Raspberries (Cell Grown)

The use of quality cell grown raspberry plants to establish commercial fruiting plantations is now a widely accepted technique and is becoming increasingly popular with home gardeners. Raised in 4cm cells, these plants will give reliable establishment in the first season. Due to the way the plants grow in the cell, there is virtually no transplant shock and therefore a much better chance of survival compared with bare root canes. Furthermore, they are planted out during the late spring and early summer when weather conditions are more favourable. Cell grown raspberries are available from late May to early/mid July.


Raspberry 'Cascade Delight' (6 cell grown plants)
Giant berries! (late)
£18.95 inc. p&p
Raspberry 'Glen Ample' (6 cell grown plants)
Most widely grown variety! (mid)
£18.95 inc. p&p
Raspberry 'Joan J' (6 cell grown plants)
Superb flavour! (autumn)
£18.95 inc. p&p
Raspberry 'Malling Minerva' (6 cell grown plants)
Spine-free canes! (early)
£18.95 inc. p&p
Raspberry Collection (12 cell grown plants)
£37.90  £34.90
Save: 8% off
inc. p&p