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Apricot Trees (Pot Grown)

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Home grown apricots are succulent and juicy and have a rich aromatic flavour that you do not experience from shop purchased fruits. Thanks to modern breeding there are now reliable varieties available, making them a very worthwhile crop to grow. They require similar growing conditions to peaches - a warm sheltered site in full sun. Apricots can be trained as a fan on a south or south-west facing wall or fence, 4m (13ft) wide and 2m (6.5m) high. They can also be trained as free standing trees. Trees are available from May to late August.


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Don't forget to include tree stakes and ties on your order.  All young fruit trees require staking and for better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).


Apricot Tree 'Flavorcot' (Pot Grown)
Very heavy cropping!
Apricot Tree 'Petit Muscat' (Pot Grown)
Intense flavour!
Apricot Tree 'Tomcot' (Pot Grown)
Recommended for the north!
Sibley's Patio Apricot 'Tomcot'
Ideal for a pot!