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Four Seasons Lemon Tree (Lunario Lemon)New Product

Four Seasons Lemon Tree (Lunario Lemon)

Four Seasons Lemon Tree (Lunario Lemon) Code: CTR013

£85.95 inc. p&p 85.9500 In Stock New

Citrus x limon 'Lunario'

NEW! This old Italian variety is commonly known as the Four Seasons Lemon because of its ability to produce fruit and fragrant white flowers in all four seasons of the year. The tree crops very well in the UK. The fruits are larger than the Meyer lemon and have a thin rind and juicy flesh which is slightly acidic with few seeds. The snow-white flowers are often deep pink in bud and give off a marvellous scent that fills the garden air on a spring evening. The tree is vigorous and it should be pruned regularly to keep a good shape.

Pollination: Self-fertile.

Plant size: 5.5 litre pot / 60-90cm (2-3ft) from base of pot.

Available for delivery: all year.


Citrus are a great addition to any garden and can be grown for many years in pots or planted in the soil in those parts of the country with a reasonably mild climate. The fruits ripen from the late Autumn until mid-spring, but the tree is active at all times of the year with flowers, fruitlets and mature fruits on the tree all at the same time. Citrus will thrive in temperatures above 5ºC and cope with occasional drops below freezing for short periods. During the winter months if the temperature drops below freezing, trees in pots should be moved to a glasshouse, garage or shed and trees planted in the open ground should be wrapped with fleece whilst temperatures stay low. Citrus are not house plants and will not succeed in the environment of central heating.


Our citrus trees are grafted on to Poncirus trifoliata rootstock and are 3-4 years old. They are supplied in 5.5 litre pots and are 60-90cm (2-3ft) tall on despatch (measured from the base of the pot). Trees are usually available all year except from April to late May when the new growth is coming through.


*Our citrus trees are despatched by carrier direct from our supplier. Delivery surcharges may apply to offshore Islands and parts of Scotland. If your delivery postcode falls into one of these areas we request that you contact us prior to placing an order so that we can advise you of any delivery surcharge. Alternatively, we will contact you prior to despatch to advise you of any delivery surcharge.

Carriage & packing charges

Carriage & packing charges

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Despatch Dates

Despatch Dates

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If you have any specific requests concerning the timing of your delivery (e.g. if you are likely to be going away on holiday) please let us know. It is not usually possible for us to bring forward delivery dates but we can delay the despatch of your order from the normal run.
Fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, ornamental trees & hedging (bare root)

Fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, ornamental trees & hedging (bare root)

Bare root fruit trees, soft fruit bushes, ornamental trees and hedging are available from late November/December until late April.
Orders placed before the 30th November will usually be despatched by mid/late December.
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Orders placed after the 1st January will usually be delivered within 28 days of the order being placed.
Fruit trees & soft fruit bushes (pot grown)

Fruit trees & soft fruit bushes (pot grown)

Pot grown fruit trees, gooseberries and currants are available April to late August and will usually be despatched within 14 days.
Blackberries, blueberries, cranberries, elderberries, honeyberries, lingonberries, figs, goji berries and grapes are normally available throughout the year. If ordered April to late September they will normally be despatched within 14 days unless ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date. Under these circumstances, to avoid additional carriage charges, the entire order will be sent together when everything is available. Outside this period, delivery may take up to 28 days or longer if ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date.
Cell Grown Raspberries

Cell Grown Raspberries

Cell grown raspberries are available from mid/late May to late July and will usually be despatched within 14 days.

Strawberry plants (Runners)

Strawberry plants (Runners)

Unless otherwise stated in the product description, fresh dug strawberry plants will be despatched from mid October to late November. Coldstored strawberry plants will be despatched from March to early July. Orders placed during these periods will usually be delivered within 28 days. Some varieties are only available as coldstored plants (see product description for availability).
Vegetable Plants

Vegetable Plants

Vegetable plants are available from mid May to late July. As a very rough guide, plants ordered before the end of April will usually be despatched by late May. Plants ordered after May will usually be despatched by early June.

Asparagus crowns

Asparagus crowns

Asparagus crowns will be despatched from April to late May. Orders placed during this period will be despatched within 28 days.



Hardware is usually despatched within 14 days unless ordered with plants that are due to be despatched at a later date.
Biological Controls (Natural Predators) & Bumblebee Hives

Biological Controls (Natural Predators) & Bumblebee Hives

Natural Predators and Bumble Bee hives are only despatched at the appropriate time of year (see product description for detailed information). When “in season” they are despatched direct from our supplier in batches on a weekly basis -  we send orders to our supplier 12pm Tuesday and they despatch these orders Wednesday the following week. Natural Predators are sent by first class post, bumblebee hives are sent by carrier.

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