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Cobnut & Filbert Bushes

Cobnuts and filberts are both similar types of hazelnut. Easy to grow, they are both productive and ornamental and take up little room in the garden. The catkins provide some late winter cheer to the garden. Two varieties should be planted next to one another to ensure cross-pollination. The nuts are usually eaten ‘green’ in September when they are succulent with a delicate flavour. They can also be collected for winter storage and are delicious roasted. Trees are supplied in 3 litre pots and are approximately 90-120cm (3-4ft) tall on despatch. Pot grown cobnut and filbert bushes are available for despatch throughout the year.


For better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).

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Cobnut Tree 'Cosford' (3 Litre Pot)
£31.95Cobnut Tree 'Cosford' (3 Litre Pot)This is one of the sweetest flavoured cobnuts. The nuts are large and have very thin shells. Produces plenty of bright yellow catkins.Buy Now
Filbert Tree 'Kentish Cob' (3 Litre Pot)
£31.95Filbert Tree 'Kentish Cob' (3 Litre Pot)The most popular filbert in the UK, grown commercially in Kent. A reliable and heavy cropper. The nuts are long and large and have an excellent flavour. Produces short yellow/green catkins.Buy Now
Filbert Tree 'Purple Filbert' (3 Litre Pot)
£31.95Filbert Tree 'Purple Filbert' (3 Litre Pot)A very attractive filbert producing striking long red catkins, rich purple foliage and very tasty nuts with red husks and thin shells. Grown as much for its ornamental value as for its nut production.Buy Now
Red Filbert Tree 'Rote Zellernuss' (3 Litre Pot)
£31.95Red Filbert Tree 'Rote Zellernuss' (3 Litre Pot)This red filbert is both edible and ornamental and will bring an attractive splash of colour to the garden. It looks striking in the winter with its long claret red catkins and in the spring it produces rich burgundy heart-shaped foliage which turns dark green as the season progresses. The red skinned nuts have an excellent flavour.Buy Now
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