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Crab Apple Trees (Malus)

Crab apples (Malus) are related to the common apple and are grown for their lavish display of spring flowers and edible fruits which can be made into jelly. They are also very useful pollinators as they have a long flowering period and are often interplanted in commercial apple orchards to assist with pollination. Crab apples make ideal specimen trees and are suitable for smaller gardens. To ensure rapid establishment, crab apple trees are supplied bare-rooted and unless otherwise stated will be 1.2-1.5m (4-5ft) high on despatch. Trees are available from late November to late April.


We are now taking orders for delivery in the Autumn. Click here to view our range of pot grown crab apple trees (available May to late August).



Don't forget to include tree stakes and ties on your order.  All young fruit trees require staking and for better establishment we strongly advise using Rootgrow when planting (as recommended in RHS planting guidelines).


Malus 'Butterball' (Crab Apple Tree)
Very heavy cropping!
Malus 'Evereste' (Crab Apple Tree)
Very disease resistant!
Malus 'Golden Hornet' (Crab Apple Tree)
Excellent winter colour!
Malus 'Gorgeous' (Crab Apple Tree)
Very disease resistant!
Malus 'Jelly King' (Crab Apple Tree)
Makes a full flavoured jelly!
Malus 'John Downie' (Crab Apple Tree)
Popular for making jelly!
Malus 'Laura' (Crab Apple Tree)
A naturally dwarf tree!
Malus 'Montreal Beauty' (Crab Apple Tree)
Large flowers & fruits!
Malus 'Neville Copeman' (Crab Apple Tree)
Deep pink/purple blossom!
Malus 'Pink Glow' (Crab Apple Tree)
Plum sized fruits!
Malus 'Red Sentinel' (Crab Apple Tree)
Much loved by birds!
Malus 'Sun Rival' (Crab Apple Tree)
A small weeping tree!