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Raspberry 'Glen Mor' (3 cell grown plants)New Product
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Glen Mor' (3 cell grown plants)Described as a game-changer, this new early variety has bomb-proof resistance to Raspberry Root Rot so is an ideal choice for wetter soils. The berries are consistently large throughout the season and have a superb, sweet flavour. The berries ripen around 9 days ahead of Glen Ample and cropping is over a 5-6 week period. Yields are heavier than Glen Ample and after a hot summer, the spine-free canes can fruit at the tips in the autumn.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Cascade Delight' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Cascade Delight' (3 cell grown plants)This impressive new late summer fruiting variety produces heavy crops of exceptionally large fruits with an excellent sweet flavour. Shows good resistance to root rot so more able to cope with wetter soils. The canes are only moderately spiny.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Paris' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Paris' (3 cell grown plants)This fabulous new autumn fruiting primocane raspberry produces very large, sweet, juicy berries with an excellent, aromatic flavour. The berry size is one of the biggest we have ever seen - each one weighing on average 5-6.5g. The canes are self-supportive, vigorous and very robust. Disease resistant and very heavy cropping.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Joan J' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Joan J' (3 cell grown plants)An outstanding new spine-free, autumn fruiting primocane raspberry. Superb flavour and stunning berry size make this variety second to none for picking and eating. The berries are 30% larger than Autumn Bliss and freeze exceptionally well.Buy Now
Raspberry 'Glen Carron' (3 cell grown plants)
£19.95 inc. p&pRaspberry 'Glen Carron' (3 cell grown plants)This new early fruiting, disease resistant variety from the James Hutton Institute in Scotland has been very popular in taste trials. The bright red berries are consistently large and exceptionally sweet with low levels of acidity. They plug effortlessly and are well displayed on spine-free canes making picking much easier. The canes are vigorous and have good resistance to Spur Blight, Cane Botrytis and Raspberry Aphid.Buy Now
Cordon Apple & Pear Collection (3 Trees)SAVE £12
£89.85  £77.85
Save: 13% off
Cordon Apple & Pear Collection (3 Trees)This Mini Orchard Cordon Collection consists of 1 x Cordon Apple 'Christmas Pippin', 1 x Cordon Apple 'James Grieve' and 1 x Cordon Pear 'Concorde'.Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Pear 'Red Williams'New Product
£43.95Sibley's Patio Pear 'Red Williams'A red sport of the famous Williams’ Bon Chretien pear, also known as the Red Bartlett pear. Red Williams has all the taste of Williams', but rather then the pale yellow skin, it has a prominent red flush and picks about 5 days later than William Bon Chretien. The leaf colour also has a red hue, giving it a most attractive appearance. Apart from the fruit colour, the most notable difference between it and it’s better known brother is that Red Williams is considerably more dwarfing than William’s Bon Chretien. This naturally compact growing habit makes it ideal for growing in a pot or in a border where space is restricted. This patio tree has been grafted onto Quince 'C' rootstock and can be kept restricted to a height of 1.2m (4ft).Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Apple 'Discovery'New Product
£43.95Sibley's Patio Apple 'Discovery'A chance seedling found in North Essex, this very early variety produces very large crops of apples year after year and withstands below freezing conditions during blossom time. It is a compact growing tree that is very suitable for growing in a large pot or in the garden border. The bright red apples give a marvellous display and are best eaten straight form the tree when they are very red and the flesh is tinged pink. A real British classic! This patio form has been grafted onto a dwarfing clone of M9 rootstock and can be kept restricted to a height of 1.2m (4ft).Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Plum 'Opal'New Product
£45.95Sibley's Patio Plum 'Opal'Opal plum has a naturally compact growing habit and this patio version (which is grafted onto a dwarfing clone of Myrobalan rootstock) is ideal for planting in the garden where space is restricted, or into a large container. Even in the open ground this patio version can be kept below 1.2m (4ft) well after the 10th year. Opal is similar to Victoria but has a better flavour and crops earlier in the season. It produces heavy crops of reddish-purple fruits with golden flesh and superb sweet flavour. It is one of the most reliable varieties and can be grown in the north.Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy'New Product
£45.95Sibley's Patio Plum 'Mirabelle de Nancy'arely seen growing in the UK but commonly grown in Northern France. These small, delicious, sweet fruits are used to make the finest classic French desserts. Ripening to a wonderful yellow and orange colour, the trees will hold literally hundreds of fruits. The early blossom gives a snow-white display in early March. Grafted onto a dwarfing clone of St Julien, this patio tree can be planted in a large container and with pruning it can be restricted to a maximum height of 1.2m (4ft).Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Pear 'Conference'New Product
£43.95Sibley's Patio Pear 'Conference'This dwarfing clone of Conference has been grafted on to Quince 'C' rootstock to produce a tree that will crop well in a large pot and produce delicious fruits year after year. Conference is the best known and most widely grown pear variety in the world, bred in England over one hundred and forty years ago. The long narrow fruits are firm and juicy with a sweet, pleasant flavour. Suitable for dessert and culinary use. Reliable, heavy cropping and suitable for most locations. Can be kept restricted to a height of 1.2m (4ft).Buy Now
Sibley's Patio Apple 'Red Windsor'New Product
£43.95Sibley's Patio Apple 'Red Windsor'Many growers regard Red Windsor as the finest tasting early apple. This patio form has been grafted onto a dwarfing clone of M9 rootstock using special grafting techniques to keep the tree compact. Can be kept restricted to a height of 1.2m (4ft).Buy Now
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