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Goji Berries

First introduced to the U.K. in the 17th century, Goji berries are currently the most fashionable super fruit!   The orange-red berries can be eaten fresh or dried and added to breakfast cereals for a healthy start to the day.  Goji berry bushes are extremely hardy and tolerant to drought and salt winds.  A mature plant will produce up to 1kg (2lbs) of fruit and ideally should be allowed to grow to a minimum height of 3-4ft (max. ht 8-10ft). Goji Berry bushes will grow in most well drained soils and prefer a sunny position. Our Goji Berry plants are container grown (U.K. origin) and available for despatch throughout the year.


Goji Berry
Rich in vitamins!
Goji Berry (3 plants)
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