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Vegetable Plants & Herbs

Growing your own vegetables can be a fun and rewarding way to help you and your family live a healthier lifestyle. We offer a range of vegetable boxes containing 100% organic, young plants, suitable for both small and large gardens, allotments, raised beds, patio containers or even a kitchen windowsill!

Growing your own delicious organic vegetables couldn't be easier. Often the hardest part of growing vegetables is planning your schedule and germinating the seeds. We take the stress out of gardening by delivering healthy young growing plants to you at just the right time for them to be planted, from late April onwards. All you need to do is pop your plants in the ground (or patio containers), watch them grow and harvest them at the appropriate time!

Our range of organic vegetables and herbs are easy to plant and grow and are supplied with a handy growing guide.


Instant Children's Garden
Colourful & easy to grow!
£34.95 inc. p&p
Instant Compact Herb Garden
Ideal for small spaces!
£24.95 inc. p&p
Instant Large Herb Garden
Pick & add straight to the pot!
£36.95 inc. p&p
Instant Large Vegetable Garden
Contains over 200 plants!
£54.95 inc. p&p
Instant Mediterranean Garden
An exotic mix of herbs & veg!
£36.95 inc. p&p
Instant Patio Container Garden
Ideal for urban gardens!
£36.95 inc. p&p
Instant Salad Garden
Create amazing salads!
£36.95 inc. p&p
Instant Small Vegetable Garden
Contains over 150 plants!
£39.95 inc. p&p
Instant Window Box Garden
Requires minimal growing space!
£24.95 inc. p&p
Bean & Pea Collection (60 plants)
4 kitchen garden favourites!
£18.95 inc. p&p
Colourful Tomato Collection (12 plants)
4 easy to grow varieties!
£20.95 inc. p&p
Quick Growing Salad Collection (75 plants)
Ready to harvest in 2 weeks!
£25.95 inc. p&p