Pomona Fruits

The Benefits of Autumn Planting

Over the years there has been much discussion as to whether it is best to plant fruit trees in the autumn (late November/December) or spring. So much so in fact that the novice and often more experienced gardener becomes totally confused! I have always been an advocate of planting in the autumn and I preach this message wherever I go; most certainly I very rarely plant anything in my garden in the spring unless there are real extenuating circumstances. But why plant in the autumn when there is still so much to do in the garden? Continue reading

Merryweather Damson is sweet enough to be used as a dessert plum when fully ripe.

Damsons for the Finest Jams

Although generally considered to be part of the plum family, damsons (and bullaces) are of the species Prunus insititata whereas plums are of the species Prunus domestica. The name ‘damson’ is derived from Damascus in Syria where it is considered that it originated and was introduced into England, in due course, by the Romans. The damson is also known as the damson plum or Damask plum in parts of Europe where it is used to make the spirit slivovitz. Bullaces, which are more acidic and lower in sugar than damsons, are considered to be native to Britain. Continue reading

Pomona Fruits

Preparing for the New Fruit Season Ahead

Despite the wintry weather that we have been having recently we are not very far away from the early days of spring and therefore it won’t be long before many of our fruit trees start showing the first sign of life for the oncoming fruit growing season. To maximise our fortune with our fruit the important thing is to be ready for the season ahead as once our trees start moving it may be too late to help them to be at their very best. Continue reading

Young pear fruitlets infested with pear midge

Health & Hygiene in the Fruit Garden

To ensure success in the fruit garden hygiene is absolutely critical and it can really make the difference in helping to win the battle for achieving good crops. Good garden hygiene includes ensuring that fallen and decaying leaves and fallen or damaged fruit are removed, weeds are not allowed to grow and that broken and dead wood is removed from trees. Who knows what can be hiding under a pile of leaves and weeds or what fungus spores decaying leaves and damaged fruit are carrying? Continue reading

Pomona Fruits

Selecting & Preparing the Planting Site

In order to grow fruit well – and this applies to any other garden plants and trees – it is essential to carefully consider where you are going to plant your trees and plants and also undertake careful site preparation before planting. Indeed I believe this element is one of four major cornerstones which act as a foundation for either success or failure (the others being the careful selection of the varieties and kinds of fruit to grow, keeping the plants and trees healthy and an early identification of any pest or disease problems). Continue reading