Cordon fruit trees growing in pots

Potting Up & Re-potting Fruit Trees & Soft Fruits

It is quite possible to grow most fruit trees and soft fruit plants in containers; however to do this you do need to carefully prepare in the same way that you would prepare the open ground before planting out. Unfortunately many people acquire a tree or plant and then just shove it in a pot or container without any thought and that usually ends up with the poor thing hardly surviving or perhaps dying. Continue reading

The first flowers will appear 2 to 4 weeks after planting coldstored strawberry plants.

Strawberries in 60 Days

Traditionally new strawberry beds were planted from fresh dug ‘runners’ whether taken from your own plants or purchased as bare root plants in October/November from a specialist nursery. Fresh dug runners are still widely planted but the drawback is that they are only available in October/November when the ground may not be in a particularly fit state for planting. The modern way to establish a new strawberry bed is to plant in the spring/early summer using coldstored (frozen) runners. Coldstored runners are lifted in the winter when fully dormant and held at -1.8 degrees centigrade until required for planting. Once dormancy is broken by planting out in warm soils the plants will grow away very quickly and can produce a good crop within 60 days. Indeed this is how 99% of commercial growers now grow their strawberries. Continue reading

A Vigoroot Planter will enable the roots to develop without spiralling

Growing Fruit on the Patio

Although many TV gardening programmes would have you think otherwise a very large percentage of the UK population have a very small garden or perhaps just a patio. This makes those owners of these small spaces wonder what they can grow. My advice is always that you can grow many plants nowadays in containers so why not have a go yourself if the majority of your garden is a patio? For many years shrubs, perennials and even small trees have been grown in containers but – despite a small following – it is only recently that there has been a trend towards growing fruit in containers. Continue reading

Tabletop systems have revolutionised commercial strawberry production in recent years.

Growing Tabletop Strawberries

The strawberry today is as popular as ever before and whilst they can be easily grown in the ground in the garden or allotment, I suggest that you consider growing them at a raised level in growbags and this will make the whole process of strawberry cultivation much easier. This is known as tabletop growing and is what the commercial growers do now so there is every reason to follow them. Continue reading