Introducing ‘Eden’, The Non-Browning Apple

The new apple variety ‘Eden’ has one distinct benefit that we’re really excited about! It has flesh that is very, very white and the flesh holds its colour for 1–2 days after cutting; in other words it is non-browning.

‘Eden’ is a dual-purpose dessert/culinary apple that is the eventual result of a cross between two varieties – ‘Linda’ and ‘Jonamac’. Initially, a breeding programme in Canada sought to evolve a variety with improved scab resistance, it was however a welcome discovery that due to low level of phenols in the flesh of the apple (which has approximately two-fifths of the phenolic compounds found in ‘Spartan’), ‘Eden’ retains its white flesh once cut open, longer than other varieties.

Apple ‘Eden’ (left) does not brown when the apple is cut.

‘Eden’ has characteristics likely to be popular with home gardeners and home cooks alike. The fruit is attractive and is dark red with greenish yellow markings. Its crisp texture and juicy flavour makes it ideal for eating and it can also be cooked without any need to add sugar. The fruits can be picked in October and will store well in to March.

Apple ‘Eden’

Claire Higgins
26th November 2018

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