Two New Strawberries Feature in Pomona Fruits Spring 2017 Catalogue

There’s more than a passing nod to St. Valentine’s Day in Pomona Fruits latest catalogue.

By the 18th Century St. Valentine’s Day had evolved into a day of romance when sweethearts would exchange flowers and cards that were often depicting the mythical God of love, Cupid. Whilst presenting a loved one with a strawberry plant is not necessarily the way to their heart, few would resist the strawberries that are produced by either of the two strawberry varieties that are featured in the Pomona Fruits Spring 2017 Catalogue – Strawberry ‘Cupid’ and Strawberry ‘Sweetheart’.

‘Cupid is a late summer strawberry specifically bred by East Malling Research to offer heavy crops of sweet tasting fruit with exceptional disease resistance. Planting in full sun will ensure a crop of good sized orange-red berries that have a good texture and an appealing classic strawberry shape that makes them the perfect choice when used for ‘display’ desserts and cake decorating.

Strawberry 'Cupid'

Strawberry ‘Cupid’

Also from East Malling Research comes a mid season strawberry Sweetheart’. This variety is already receiving accolades as one of the best strawberry varieties to be released in recent years. Belying its compact habit, ‘Sweetheart’ will consistently deliver heavier crops than most other varieties. The large berries are sweet and juicy and offer a desirable old-fashioned strawberry flavour with the ideal balance of sweetness and acidity. It is the ultimate strawberry for home gardeners.

Strawberry 'Sweetheart'

Strawberry ‘Sweetheart’

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Claire Higgins
14th January 2017


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