Two New Raspberry Varieties for 2018

With a year-on-year sales increase in the shops of over 20%, the popularity of raspberries has never been greater. This increase in berry sales may be due to several reasons, not least of which are the health benefits. Raspberries contain a high level of anti-oxidants, fibre and vitamin C and are linked to reducing heart disease, maintaining healthy blood cholesterol levels and contributing to a strong immune system. They also taste fantastic and with sweeter varieties being bred that are increasingly appealing to the British palate. Continue reading

Pomona Fruits

Apples & Pears: Growing Guide, History & Recipe

Apples and pears are two of the best loved fruits, and they are probably the easiest fruit trees to grow. This has made them a favourite with gardeners along with the fact that only a handful of varieties are available in shops. Gardeners have a much wider range of cultivars to choose from (there are literally hundreds of known varieties) so there is a world of flavours out there to grow and taste. There are also lots of hidden gems with their origins rooted back in our nation’s rich heritage waiting to be discovered. Continue reading